Sunday, December 31, 2006

year ender + happy new year 2007

" Short Note: I am not able to process the photos in Bing! meet in time last night, so, I guess they'll only be ready by next year. I'll be away. See you next year! Happy New Year! "

It's been quite a year for me in 2006. Great things had happened, great movies were shown, great people came along; and, there were the others as well.

Back tracking the happenings in year 2006:

I started my tenure with previous company in Kuala Lumpur as a Security Administrator.

I attended a night of Oscars held in KL Convention Center, which I had to split in to three parts to cover the whole event.

I made myself a trip to the small island of Langkawi, it was quite a beautiful place to visit.

Also, there was Pikom PC Fair @ KL Convention Center.

I revisited the Historical Town in Malacca.
I explored into Batu Cave on Wesak Day.
And, I indulged my taste buds with feast in StarHill Gallery's Koryo-Won Restaurant, Enak Restaurant and Shook!.


I was at Asian X-Game @ Sunway Lagoon.
I covered the KL International Motorshow in PWTC, where the babes and machines roamed.
Miami Heat beat Dallas Mavericks to clinch the NBA Champions title.
The world went crazy when World Cup kicked off in Gemany.

Italy emerged as World Cup Champion, while England suffered yet another disappointment. Not to mentioned Zidane's infamous headbutt which later became a key marketing tool for a fashion wear - Xqua (pronounced as Perqua).
I became a short term airport taxi driver.

Malaysia suffered yet another haze seasonal setback.
Meanwhile, I had a decision to make.
Mich shared a wonderful news to me.
I bought my EOS 350D.


I almost forgot I also indulged myself with rich feast on Japanese Buffet @ Jogoya.
I have come to a decision.

Most significant thing happened here is the one way ticket I took, which made me a stranger to my own homeland.

I was at several bridal-related expo at Merdeka Palace, and Civic Center.
I almost went crazy after being jobless for so long, and jumped up and down when I was called for interview. (Still recovering for the cultural shock)
I watched Casino Royal, Battle of the Wits, and Happy Feet.
My cousin is no longer single.

Cinedudes made its debut
I met new bunch of people, mostly bloggers in Kuching.
And, I am glad that I am employed again, after three months of barren run.
.. and for other events, It's shown at the archive at the side bar.

One last day in 2006, we'll be wrapping up the year today, and welcoming the year of 2007.

With that, Happy New Year! Wish y'all a blessed new year ahead!


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