Thursday, June 30, 2005

Month 1: June 05

I can't believe that I have been here for a little bit more than a month already! Hmm.. To be exact, I have been here for 33 days! (Since 28th May 2005) Gosh.. Unbelievable. Well, I would say first month in a new place is always tough. Settling in a new place, adjusting your life from the old one, coping with new things.. everything comes into the equation of money! Every cent counts! First month here is all experimental. And, the experiment has failed. I have spent a lot! Gosh... But a lot of them had came unexpectedly. For instance, I had to spent RM100 to revive my Canon A70. I felt ripped off by the call rate of the prepaid plan. I FEEL the effects of it now. Spent another RM 100 on deposit for Maxis postpaid plan. I hope for a better month in July.

It's 30 June today. Not a bad day for me. Not at all. Firstly, I had recieved my first pay check today! (Well, it isn't exactly a cheque.. I was paid in cash terms.) Though the pay wasn't much, but the excitement and the anxiety was there. I felt so excited. I could not hold it much longer, I called several close friends and shared my feelings. I called my parents too. (Gosh.. I sound like a kid now.)

My supervisor in the company is having his last day with us today. I'll be having new supervisort tomorrow. He's leaving for other job. So, we had a farewell dinner with him. We went to this Korean BBQ, it's called... Seoul Bxxxx (argh.. can't remember the name.) It was like a steamboat restaurant. You eat all you want. You fry, you have soup. I filled my capacity to the max, and which I much regretted later. I ate like I had not been eaten for days! LoL! Now I'm feeling the after effect. Well, here I wish my departing supervisor all the best in future. Oh.. I get to test MyVi's performance today. I was in my colleague's all new Perodua Myvi. By far, I think it's the best and nicest looking car to steal.. hehe.. It was so spacious! Love it!

One month down. Three more to go! After that, I'll be into the REAL thing! Here I come charging! (I'm still hyped!)

( inside Perodua Myvi: check out the panels! cool looking! the meters at the dash board looks even cooler! the car is spacious. just love it! )

( the 4 pictures aren't same photos being posted 4 times, it's 4 different shots I tried to get hold of it while i was in the Myvi. hard to get a satisfying shot at first attempt. )

( shot this out of boredom.. while in Myvi )

( arrived we have in the Korean BBQ. can't remember the name... only know it has a Soeul in it. it's around Kerinchi area, ground floor of Wisma Gosen, i think )

( please wait while food's being cooked... )

( we're eating all we can eat now.. Round 1, 2, 3 ... n )

( how the brand new Perodua Myvi looks like from outside.. very slick eh? i may have one back home next month. hopefully i can be behind the wheels when i return next month... JULY! )

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

NBA Draft Day

Every year at this time, NBA will have a draft day for all NBA teams to pick the young stars they feel right from the the Colleges, Universities or even High Schools. International or Foreign players have also been actively involved in trying their luck in most lucrative basketball game in the world the NBA (National Basketball Association). Over the years we have seen the emergance of international stars like Yao Ming of China, Dirk Nowitzki of Germany, Tony Parker of France, Steve Nash of Canada and etc. since the days of Toni Kukoc of Croatia, and Luc Longley of Australia, where foreign or international stars play second fiddle to the Americans. They did not have chance to shine at best. Toni Kukoc and Luc Longley may be the best shot they had back then, winning championship rings with the Chicago Bulls during the Bulls Dynasty in the 90s. Other than that, I would believe Vlade Divac would be an icon to his fellow European players for his success with the Lakers, and Kings.

The last of few years have seen the international players flooding into NBA from all over the contigences, Europe, Asia, Africa. Peja Stojakovic of the Serbia & Montenegro is a star in Sacromento Kings, known for his deadly sharp perimeter shooting. He has risen to the stardom from a role player to a star player. He started his rookie season as a bench player, after being picked by Sacromento Kings at 14th pick overall.

Another European star worth mentioning is Dirk Nowitzki. The player from Germany was picked at 9th overall in 1998, struggled with his game in America, averaging below 10 points per game (ppg). Second season saw improvement in his scoring, but just with a decent 17.5ppg. However, his hardwork paid off well. The following season saw him shooting right to the stardom, and he emerged as the game's brightest young star with his all around game. With his stature at 7 feet, only a handful players can match his quickness. His ability to shoot from outside explains why defenders should be wary when he has the ball.

3 years ago, in 2002, Yao Ming brought roar to the world after being picked as the 1st choice overall by Houston Rockets. He also became the first international/foreign player to be picked as 1st pick. However, he is not the first player from China to enter the game. Wang ZhiZhi preceeded him 2 years earlier, when he played his debut season with the Dallas Maverick after being selected in a draft pick. Another player from China, Mongolian Mengke Batteer also played the game though he was never picked by any franchise. Today, Yao Ming is one of the fan's favourite in both America and Asia. He's a darling to the world.

High school phenomenon Lebron James was the first pick in 2003. He was seen as the successor of the legendary Michael Jordan. With the same jersey number worn, it is difficult not to compare him to the One. He is no doubt influencial to his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, he's still young, only 21 this year, he's already at the top of the world, and still improving. Many to expect from this great kid.

Enough said of the past pick, it is the 2005 edition of Draft pick today (28th June 2005 in US). Milwaukee had won a lottery pick to steal the No.1 pick from Atlanta, whom finished with the league worst record last season. This years favourite to land on as No.1 pick is Australian Andrew Bogut, who plays his collegiate carreer for Utah. Without any surprise, Milwaukee Bucks got their man - Andrew Bogut. Atlanta Hawks got a Tar Heel with their No.2 pick - Marvin Williams from North Carolina. North Carolina is a university with rich basketball tradition. Many legends were born there, including Michael Jordan. Over the years North Carolina has produced many stars to NBA, such as Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins and etc. This year, they had 4 Tar Heels at the top 14 picks.

I have not got much information on the players in the draft this year, as I have not been able to follow up the game for years already. We shall see how these crop of young stars develop throughout the game next season. Last season, we have seen exciting display among the rookies. Ben Gordon was my favourite to land the Rookie of the Year award. I thought he deserved more than Emeke Okafor, comparing what he has done to his team. His impact was just as influencial as Okafor's, if not better. It was a shame not to see him to land both Rookie of the Year and the Sixth Man award. Anyways, I would congratulate Okafor with his success. Nevertheless, he too worked hard in his rookie season with the new expansion team Charlotte Bobcats.

San Antonio Spurs have just won their third title after dethroning the Detriot Pistons in 7 games last weekend. Chicago Bulls showed promising signs after their Dynasty in the 90s. Phoenix Suns brought excitement back to the game with their Run and Gun style. Steve Nash the MVP, and the return of Zen Master Phil Jackson to the LA Lakers.

I guess, with all that. It will be another season we should look forward to next year.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

End of a Saga; Beginning of Another

Long gone was the five years duration I had spent in the historical place of Malacca, a place where I called home second only to my place of origin. Gone were the memories I have had, for the bitter ones or the sweet ones. Fellowships were formed and separated, friendships had been put to tests, only several survived. I have seen people coming in and leaving for many years. It felt odd to know that you are leaving a comfort zone, heading towards an unknown adventure. Challenging, but insecure. Exciting, but risky...

I have been away from home since year 2000, 5 long years. It's the 6th year I have been away now, yet I still can't return as I am leaving the comfort zone as a student, heading to get a taste of the 'real' world as a man. Although I get to go back occasionally to my homestate, I have not been feeling 'home' for years by now. I cannot remember how it is like to have a life at home, I cannot recall how it feels like to spend my birthday at home, I cannot remember being busy at home, I cannot know how it's like to wake up every morning, and start a day's life with everyone else. I just cannot remember. I am virtually a stranger back in my homeland now. At this point, I am a stranger in another place, my new place, my current place -- PJ. I hope my return to homeland for good is near, I hope that the day would come soon, but, deep down, I know the time is not right yet. I have lots to do before I can return. I have lots to learn. I have lots to alter, to correct. I have dreams I would wanna chase, I have dreams I wanna realise. I have a destiny to fulfill.

Too often I have tasted failure in my life. But then, who had not failed before? Once, someone said, one is not considered successful unless he fails at least once in his life. Failure is nothing. Fear not to fail. We all fail and fall. The most important thing about failing or falling, is that we must learn and know how to pick ourselves up and walk again. We need to learn from our mistake, our fall. I believe that I am doing everyone of those at my very best.

( a sequence of photo captured when I was in Sunway Pyramid. a participant danced gracefully to the crowd before she slipped and fell. nevertheless, she picked herself up and finished her routine later. )