Thursday, June 30, 2005

Month 1: June 05

I can't believe that I have been here for a little bit more than a month already! Hmm.. To be exact, I have been here for 33 days! (Since 28th May 2005) Gosh.. Unbelievable. Well, I would say first month in a new place is always tough. Settling in a new place, adjusting your life from the old one, coping with new things.. everything comes into the equation of money! Every cent counts! First month here is all experimental. And, the experiment has failed. I have spent a lot! Gosh... But a lot of them had came unexpectedly. For instance, I had to spent RM100 to revive my Canon A70. I felt ripped off by the call rate of the prepaid plan. I FEEL the effects of it now. Spent another RM 100 on deposit for Maxis postpaid plan. I hope for a better month in July.

It's 30 June today. Not a bad day for me. Not at all. Firstly, I had recieved my first pay check today! (Well, it isn't exactly a cheque.. I was paid in cash terms.) Though the pay wasn't much, but the excitement and the anxiety was there. I felt so excited. I could not hold it much longer, I called several close friends and shared my feelings. I called my parents too. (Gosh.. I sound like a kid now.)

My supervisor in the company is having his last day with us today. I'll be having new supervisort tomorrow. He's leaving for other job. So, we had a farewell dinner with him. We went to this Korean BBQ, it's called... Seoul Bxxxx (argh.. can't remember the name.) It was like a steamboat restaurant. You eat all you want. You fry, you have soup. I filled my capacity to the max, and which I much regretted later. I ate like I had not been eaten for days! LoL! Now I'm feeling the after effect. Well, here I wish my departing supervisor all the best in future. Oh.. I get to test MyVi's performance today. I was in my colleague's all new Perodua Myvi. By far, I think it's the best and nicest looking car to steal.. hehe.. It was so spacious! Love it!

One month down. Three more to go! After that, I'll be into the REAL thing! Here I come charging! (I'm still hyped!)

( inside Perodua Myvi: check out the panels! cool looking! the meters at the dash board looks even cooler! the car is spacious. just love it! )

( the 4 pictures aren't same photos being posted 4 times, it's 4 different shots I tried to get hold of it while i was in the Myvi. hard to get a satisfying shot at first attempt. )

( shot this out of boredom.. while in Myvi )

( arrived we have in the Korean BBQ. can't remember the name... only know it has a Soeul in it. it's around Kerinchi area, ground floor of Wisma Gosen, i think )

( please wait while food's being cooked... )

( we're eating all we can eat now.. Round 1, 2, 3 ... n )

( how the brand new Perodua Myvi looks like from outside.. very slick eh? i may have one back home next month. hopefully i can be behind the wheels when i return next month... JULY! )


enleaver said...

great lookin food... wish i could have some too. miss kl so much!

mksweoi said...

Nice blog allen. Soon Hui told me about your blog. =)

a2blog said...

hey thanx chelle. do visit more frequent! lots more to come!

eMiLyWoNg said...

looks delicious...trying to seduce ppl izzit?

a2blog said...

wait till the aroma of the spices sniff into ur nose.. you'll just find urself hard to resist it.. hehe.. but seriously, it ain't bad. nice.. need not to pay a cent for it.. that's the best part!