Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Day Out

I was given a task by my boss today. I would say it is a notable task since my arrival on 1st June 2005. I was assigned to design a web page. The web page is for an online bookstore, which are going to have this Harry Potter booksale, and preorder for the latest book. I have no say in designing things, but I must say I am having problem with this one.

( My Tasks! )

First, it's Harry Potter.. Harry Who? Harry Porter!! I am not a fan of Harry. I don't really know much bout this Harry dude. That, is not much of a problem. Secondly, I need to do it in Chinese. I don't know what are most of the terms to be used in the web page. It is different, as it is not what we use to communicate everyday! It's Internet language in Chinese. Gosh... Nevermind, I guess I can have that figured out pretty soon. I just need some inspiration.. yeah..

I N S P I R A T I O N..

( Zoom: a different view at the twin towers. If you can see closely, it's taken on rainy day. Rain is visible in my original file. Not sure bout here. )

( shower of rain blurred the visions on Twin Towers )

I had a day out today with my buddy. We went to KLCC, to catch movie and such. Maxis had launched its 3G service yesterday (1st July 2005) at KL Convention Center. They are also having 2 days exhibition on the same venue for the two following days, 2nd and 3rd of July. We have been observing the war of telcos for quite a while now. Back then, they were battling with their prepaid plans and call rates. Celcom, Maxis and Digi were all throwing what they can to win the war. When they were done with the prepaid plan, comes the postpaid plan. Now that the juice is running dry on postpaid plan, 3G service is the new weapon to be drawn out. Celcom had launched 3G service earlier last month, becoming the first telco company to launch 3G in Malaysia. Maxis answered that call by launching their own 3G service yesterday, with an appalling rate for their subscribers, a very, very affordable rate for the entry-level subscribers. Everyone can afford the call rate. It's the same as what you have for the voice calls. I could not have further piece information on the call rates, they had not got broucheres for me. For more information, you can log onto Maxis' official site to check the rates out. (

( Entrance to the tunnel that links KLCC to another KLCC -- KL Convention Centre )

( Maxis 3G exhibitions )

People in KL is so crazed with the movie Initial D. The tickets for the rest of the day were officially sold out at about 1.30pm today! How is that? I guess one of the reason is that TGV holds the sole distributor right (or whatever right that is..) for the movie. GSC has not got the right to play that movie on big screen, but I have also heard that GSC had already sealed the purchase of the movie right not long ago. They are expected to be showing the movie on big screen much later. All these are just speculations I have heard of, I have not read bout it on a solid, physical evidence.

Hmm.. I am thinking of writing a review on the movie.. Shall I? Maybe will write in separate entry.

( People in queue for movie tickets, you should see the queue 20 mins after this.. but too bad I didn't snap that. I was in queue for some other thing.. )

After KLCC...

My friend and I went off to Wangsamaju to have dinner. There.. it is a paradise for us. For that, the rental is cheap if compared with the amount we are paying right now. And, the choices on food doubles.. or maybe triples than what we have over here in our current place. Most importantly, the food is cheap! We ordered one plate of 'ban mian' - noodle, and a cup of iced Chinese Tea. We were at shock when we paid for it. It's been a while since I last saw a cup of iced Chinese Tea at 30 cents only! The last one I remembered would be while I was still in Malacca. I have not yet seen any in KL with 30 cents only! And, the noodle we ordered, at RM 3.50, the amount we had was like more than what we have in the usual servings! We felt blessed. I wished I could have snapped the photos of the food we had, but too bad, my batt was dead. No photos..

The journey back for us is the tiring part. From Wangsamaju, it will take about 40 minutes or so for us to reach our respective stations by LRT. One thing you hate about KL is.. to be in the LRT train, being cramped as if you're in a sardine can. It's always like that when the clock hits 6pm or so. That's when people start going home from work or school. Sometimes you can't even breathe or move an inch! Crap. I had to stand all the way from Wangsamaju - Kelanajaya! (basically it's from one end to another)

Time to get back to my work. I have until Wednesday to finish my task off..


enleaver said...

your post is so freakin' long!!! who can finish reading it? =) anyway wish i were in kl... hehehe. good luck with harry potter in mandarin! :D

a2blog said...

well.. mood just flowed in right.. hehe.. it ain't actually that long.. I guess those photos I posted made it look long. Thanks! need that a lot. been busy lately.. -_-"

eMiLyWoNg said...

eh ur post is really damn long makes me feeling dizzy reading it....aijojo~!!!

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