Sunday, April 29, 2007

mind your language

When I was away from Kuching, I caught this on a local newspaper while I was 'enjoying' the delay of my flight. (I was stranded in the airport for about 5-6 hours)

I was in Bintulu Airport that time.
Look at the details of the newspaper report. Allow me to highlight the sentence here:
At about 7pm on Sunday morning, Maung was walking under the a
, which suddenly broke and felling on him.

If you're in educational line, will you now still be encouraging your students to read more English papers to improve their writings? I suggest not, which may as well save yourself more headache when marking their essays.
Again, sorry for the orientation of the photographs in this post. I'm still away from Kuching at the moment. I'm typing this post in my hotel room. I'm enjoying wi-fi Internet access at level 11 in the hotel now.
I'm in the land of kampua.

Monday, April 23, 2007

hello from bintulu

" Short Update: Pardon me if the picture orientation isn't nicely done, cos there seems to have some problem with the browser here. Will clean it up when I'm back home. "

A short update from Bintulu.

I'm on yet another work-related trip to Bintulu. I'm really glad that my work is finished way earlier than usual. Else, I wouldn't even have time to enjoy the free wi-fi here in the hotel.

I'm currently sitting at the Luconia Bay at ParkCity Everly Hotel, Bintulu. I find this hotel a splendid place to stay, be it for leisure or for business trip.

It's a four-star hotel, located by just the seaside of Bintulu. There is construction project for the raise of their WaterFront project going on, so you can see some dirty work being done. Nevertheless, after the construction, I can visualized the beauty of the sunset you have at your window in your room.

That's all for now.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Seriously, i need a break. I'll be away for the whole of next week. 26/04/07 is declared as public holiday in Malaysia, but I still have to work.

Sigh. I wonder when I can get my break.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

bridal fair @ old court house, kuching (part 4)

" Short Note: I'll be flying off to Sibu, then to Sarikei, on Monday (16/04/2007), and shall return on Tuesday (17/04/2007). A week later, I'll be in Bintulu again. "

Before I fly off again. I'll upload a quickie on the bridal fair. It takes a long time for me to finish up my cover on the event, probably cos of the numbers of shot I had.

I'll be flying off for work-related trip again on Monday, returning on Tuesday. This time, I'm off to Sarikei.

Without much ado, here are the male models after much of the female only.. with their wedding gown. For a change, you have men suit up.

The men making their entry to the stage.

The man in black at center stage.

Gents making their presence felt.

Doing their rounds.

Something is coming next, what is it?

Stay tuned. It won't be long before I conclude this event. It takes ages. I hope you're not bored with the presentation here. Will be back to conclusion after my trip to Sarikei.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

bridal fair @ old court house, kuching (part 3)

And the show continues with more range of bridal gown.

But before that...

Running out of space???

Blogger has quota now. I think 1GB is gonna run out pretty fast at my current pace. >.<" I don't have much time to upload these to my deviantArt or my flickr account, so for the time being, I'm flooding my blog here first.

Genesis Bridal.


France Taipei, Kuching

Hollywood Bridal.

Black Pearl of i-bell.

More to come. Hot ones are lined up at the back. That's why they say, "Save the best for the last."

Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

bridal fair @ old court house, kuching (part 2)

Taking off where I left behind before I left for the work-related traveling last time round. I was required to be at the Oil City, and the Industrial Energy Town, literally Miri and Bintulu.

2nd day of Bridal Fair paraded wider range of wedding gowns. I wasn't there when the fashion show kicked off, thanks to the rainy weather that night.

I hope I didn't miss much.

Well, at least I knew I missed some, but I didn't miss this - The Curse of Golden Flowers Series!!!

The Curse of Golden Flowers series. (minus the cleavages bearing cutting.)

The interchange.

Pretty lass, don't you think?

Another change.

Want some glamorous flair? Try Hollywood Bridal.

The back view.

Now, I'm running out of idea how to caption these.

Look at that guy, he was as hardworking as I was.

The press - RTM.

Little angle, with another angel peeping from the background.

That's all for this now. Will be back with more cover photo coverage later.

You can find out more on wedding related material in this website - My coverage is also available here.