Sunday, April 29, 2007

mind your language

When I was away from Kuching, I caught this on a local newspaper while I was 'enjoying' the delay of my flight. (I was stranded in the airport for about 5-6 hours)

I was in Bintulu Airport that time.
Look at the details of the newspaper report. Allow me to highlight the sentence here:
At about 7pm on Sunday morning, Maung was walking under the a
, which suddenly broke and felling on him.

If you're in educational line, will you now still be encouraging your students to read more English papers to improve their writings? I suggest not, which may as well save yourself more headache when marking their essays.
Again, sorry for the orientation of the photographs in this post. I'm still away from Kuching at the moment. I'm typing this post in my hotel room. I'm enjoying wi-fi Internet access at level 11 in the hotel now.
I'm in the land of kampua.

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