Monday, April 23, 2007

hello from bintulu

" Short Update: Pardon me if the picture orientation isn't nicely done, cos there seems to have some problem with the browser here. Will clean it up when I'm back home. "

A short update from Bintulu.

I'm on yet another work-related trip to Bintulu. I'm really glad that my work is finished way earlier than usual. Else, I wouldn't even have time to enjoy the free wi-fi here in the hotel.

I'm currently sitting at the Luconia Bay at ParkCity Everly Hotel, Bintulu. I find this hotel a splendid place to stay, be it for leisure or for business trip.

It's a four-star hotel, located by just the seaside of Bintulu. There is construction project for the raise of their WaterFront project going on, so you can see some dirty work being done. Nevertheless, after the construction, I can visualized the beauty of the sunset you have at your window in your room.

That's all for now.


Jimmy CHAI said...

Hey! I do really want to know the hotel we stayed 14 yrs ago! it faced a sea, or perhaps a huge river, never before i saw that big! It's still big in my heart;)

1993, primary 6, 1st time we won, first among the schools in the region nearby, then between cities, then in bintulu, the stepping stone to state the age 12-13, what kind of ambition we had...? How possibly kids today can understand? upsr, choosing high school, trainings and other kinds of competitions all in the same yr, in the small little town, boys, girls, be ambitious;)

Jimmy CHAI said...

Don't upgrade to window vista? how much does it cost over there?

Anyway, back to the game thing (i am a gamer!)they picked me up early in the morning by bus, i just waited outside the house... it was still early in the morning, and we would be stopping by serikei then bintulu, arrived in the was a beautiful sunset, standing on the riverside/seaside, wind was so strong, i felt wings on my shoulders, first time i grew up, first time i participated something huge, state governors were watching, we the champions or survivors, climbing up from an unheard town, less popular than ulu kapit...hontoni...yutaka;)

We arrived and checked in the hotel, and we were scheduled to practice the following day. Before we traveled, we memorized the map,more complex, tricky, even to try playing with in the mind, it was challenging to kids. 15 min, could we make it again? Real traffic policemen, state governors, more competitors, bigger crowds, the marching parade again...

We played on the second day, toured immediately to shopping malls, met young ladies, nah nah i am just joking here... you know, i miss a lot of things, they were so pure and simple, loving it, man. Actually i look back now, actually people were watching us! We always played once at the last round...because they had to find the best team to play with us who traveled from far-far away. Stay there Allen, don't come back, it's a good place!