Saturday, May 31, 2008

hollywood bridal fashion show @ theSpring - the preview

Bridal fashion show.

This time round, it was a bridal fashion showcase served up by Hollywood Bridal, a Kuching-based bridal studio. The fashion show followed through by the Miss Spring Time, of which I posted a couple of posts earlier.

Let's take a sneak peek on what the show was like that day. You know we could tell if the show is good with just the crowd's attention, right? The larger the crowd, the better the show is, no?

So check item #1 - The crowd.

Image Hosted by
Okay-lah, there are people concentrating on the model, and the dress, of course, while aiming their camera's crosshair onto their target.

Image Hosted by
Notice the "xiao bai" (mini white cannon) in the middle of the pack?

Image Hosted by
*cough* And er.. ahem.. some of you may think the girl in yellow is cute, no? *cough*

Check item #2 - the model.

Image Hosted by
The model looks cute, right?

So with the two items checked, the show should be an okay one. :)

So, check back again to see the show through my lens. I used my EF 50mm f/1.8 throughout the show. I'm really loving my 50mm. Wanna get other lens, but I'm in financial constrain to do so.

Image Hosted by
Oh, and i spotted this too. It's my friend in the picture again. LOL! His 'wedding shot'. LOL

Euro 2008 & bridal fashion preview

Image Hosted by

Remember the countdown I mentioned earlier?

7 days.

That's all we gotta wait for Euro 2008 to kick-start. So, we still have football to catch even after the leagues in England, Spain, Italy and others have rounded up their footballing season.

16 teams will be competing in Austria-Switzerland to wrestle and dethrone Greece, the winner in 2004. Check out the updates and final lineup of 23 in both these websites -- or European Championship's official website at

Note: We will only get to watch Euro 2008 in action on the 8 June 2008, because of different time zone. Check your Astro listing for the matches. Opening match will be between co-host Switzerland and Czech Republic

Thursday, May 29, 2008

total randomness: the secret affair.. lol!

Let's have a break and check out these paparazi shots on someone's 'secret affair'. LOL!

Image Hosted by
Spotted two familiar figures in the Spring, but couldn't confirm the identities for the two.

Image Hosted by
Can you see them?

Image Hosted by
Looks like they're pretty close, hmm... fishy.. If only I can see who they are..

Image Hosted by
Gotcha! Oh, ain't no secret affair, it's just the dynamic duo of Jimmy & Irene. LOL!

Okay, those were purely random! LOL. Sorry guys, I hope you don't mind. I've gotta clarify that there are nothing in between them. :)

Also, spotted this on Hollywood Bridal's roadshow, my friend was featured in that piece of work. You can see more of him in Hollywood Bridal's website at

Image Hosted by

And finally, there was this guy who tried in vain to be Mr.Invisible. I wasn't the only one complained about it. I've heard a few already, and 90% of the time he's in the position as below:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

What a sight, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

crazy videos

I came across this videos on YouTube, and I thought they're really crazy! LOL.

Basketball fans, you should watch these! LOL!

Kobe Bryant Jumps over Aston Martin

Kenny Smith Spoofs a Aston Martin Jump
(This is a little long, but worth waiting till the end!)

Kobe Bryant Jumps over a Snake-pool for a Dunk! (with Jackass crew)

Compilation of Kobe's new adverts.

There you have it! Some videos to loose up a little.

miss springtime

Some 10 days ago, there was a World Harvest Festival event in the Spring shopping mall. And, I was so happened to be there with my arsenal. How coincident, not.

I was told that there would be some fashion show going on, so I was there to see see look look check things out.

Image Hosted by

In conjunction to the World Harvest Festival, they have this pageant campaign going on, which is known as Miss Fair Lady. What happened in the Spring that day was for one of the subsidiary for the contestants. Winner for that round would be crowned as Miss SpringTime. I think I got those info correctly.

The actual Grand Final would be held in Sarawak Cultural Village, of which the event was just recently concluded.

I didn't gather much information on this event, I wonder around and snap a few pictures. I even let my guard down and let other 'paparazi' to snap picture of me. LOL.

Image Hosted by

There would be cultural performances by the Sarawak Cultural Village's musicians and dancers during the interval of every show.

That afternoon was really hot and scorching outside the building. And for that, the lighting was even more intense when the sunlight breached through the windows from the top. That made things hard for me to get the right exposure.

Image Hosted by

The contestants were out to help promoting some product from the sponsors.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Smile, you're on camera!

Image Hosted by
The stage cum runway were decorated to a long house theme, in conjunction to the harvest festival.

Image Hosted by
We can see the all excited contestant.

Image Hosted by
Giving her best smile.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
So, who do you think is the fairest of all?

Image Hosted by
#12 was given the SpringTime title.

Image Hosted by

So did she go all the way and win it all till the end? I don't know to be frank, you've gotta dig up the old newspaper and search for the result. I think I saw the report on frontpage of Borneo Post yesterday.

There were some fashion shows lined up after this 'pageant' thingy. Stay tuned for more photos.


I had problems with streamyx earlier just now. It appears that the problem originated from the area port which I'm connected.

Now that I can go online, I'm already tired and sleepy, much thanks to the 2 hours basketball session. Update shall resume tomorrow.


Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't been able to update properly over the weekend thanks to the working-weekend for me. I'm totally drained. Now that English Premier League's season is over, weekend nights seem so dull to me. But, it won't last too long, UEFA Euro 2008 is coming up real soon!

There are few dates to lookout for in the coming months, notably...

Image Hosted by

Hehe, are you guessing what the dates are about? Can you guess which is which?

And, here's a random picture of the day.

Image Hosted by

Story behind the picture: The baby couldn't stop staring into my lens, so I just snapped few shots. :P The photo was desaturated a little.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

scorching weekend

My weekend schedule was like this:

morning - clicking shutter,
afternoon- clicking shutter,
late afternoon - clicking shutter,
almost evening - break, transfer files to laptop, nap,
evening - back to click more shutters,
night - dinner @ rasamas, boulevard,
after dinner - browsed through the so-called auto carnival, which seemed like a pasar malam to me, (p/s: I bumped into pazuzu there too),
late night - went out to attend a 'service request' to fix a 'cannot browse internet' problem.
late late night - yam cha with friends @ padungan.

morning - more shutter clicking,
afternoon - tried to click more, but i seriously ran out of things to snap,
late afternoon - revitalizing from the after-effect from the scorching sun,
late, late afternoon - dropped by bing! to have a cup of smoothies (banana chocolate), while I missed (almost) completely of Georgette's event there,
evening - dropped by Padang Merdeka for a random street shooting,
late evening - feeling tired, and really tired, and i'm typing this entry.

I felt like burnt out! Can someone call the fire department? Someone please pour down icy water to cool down my body.

Friday, May 23, 2008

charity concert - feature: yise

Warning: There are quite a few numbers of photos in this post, it maybe slow to load for certain internet connection speed. For faster loading, please click on the title to load just this post only. Thank you! :-)

Okay, after Manchester United's European triumph, let's just come back to Kuching instead. Please pardon me for getting carried away with their success. I've been a Manchester United fan for a long time now, probably coming to a decade long.

Here's the 2nd part of the charity concert I was at.

After Andrew Tan, comes Yise Lo (罗忆诗). She's not only a singer, but also a composer herself. She writes her own songs, and filled in the lyrics with her own words. Pretty cool eh? Honestly, she was the main reason why I was there in the concert. I wanted to see how good she is performing on stage.

Well, I must say, she didn't disappoint. Although it wasn't really a live band concert, the music was from a background music track from CD, she still did pretty well. I like her vocal somehow.

Image Hosted by
She made her appearance with this little jacket on.

Image Hosted by
Michael Wong 'looking' on from behind, hehe.

Image Hosted by
I shot the entire sequence with Auto WB, and photos are shot straight to JPEG. There wasn't much editing, or correction done after. The yellow hue was from the color lighting on stage.

Image Hosted by
From the way she speaks, it sounded like she has nice personality as well. A very easy-going lass.

Image Hosted by
The red one.

I must apologize for the lack of variety in angle captured. I was just shooting not far from my seat only. I could have bossed around with my camera and just get carried away, but no, I didn't. I thought I shouldn't as I wasn't an invited/appointed photographer. I certainly didn't want to get myself blocking other people there. So, I thought it was best to stay hidden, in stealth.

Image Hosted by
This shot, I think, is somewhat under exposed. Should have corrected it before posting. I had to get it exported cos a friend needed it for her report. So, it was quite a rush in preparing the pic.

Image Hosted by
The emcee and the singer. Oh, and yeah, I changed my angle a bit. LOL.

Image Hosted by
From certain angle, I think she resembles Leehom. LOL.

Image Hosted by

There were game session during the interval. Right after the little chat with the emcee dude, Yise performed right away again. This time, with her jacket off.

Image Hosted by
I kinda like this shot, albeit being underexposed, as the far background looked not-so-plain here. Hehe. It looked kinda like a concert in a true concert hall or something.

Now comes my attempts to shoot the effect I wanted.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I liked the effect, the idea, but too bad I was only shooting with a prime 50mm, the only lens I have with a wide/big aperture. Maximum aperture was f/1.8, which made the no-flash shots possible in that kind of lighting.

Image Hosted by
Bow of gratitude.

Clock was ticking, and I had to go already. Coincidentally, Yise was also done with her performance that night. There were two more performers that night, 曾国辉 and Michael 黄光良.

I couldn't stay any longer though. I was off to the basketball semi-finals in MBKS indoor stadium.

So, up next, what would it be? There was a fashion show going on in the Spring shopping mall last weekend, could the next post be on that? We'll see.

picture of the day

This time round, the picture of the day wasn't of my own work. It's from I thought it's interesting, so decided to share it here.

Image Hosted by
Touch of midas. The angle looks as though Derek Fisher (left) has his hand on Tony Parker's (right) head as they faced of in the NBA Western Conference Final.

Story behind the picture:
LA Lakers played against the defending champion San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Final yesterday. The Spurs managed to silence the league's MVP Kobe Bryant, of LA Lakers, by holding him to only 2 points in the first half. Then the LA Lakers superstar broke loose to unleash a classical act to score 25 points in the second half, rallying his team from a 20-point deficit to beat the Spurs 89 - 85.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

united triumph: relive the moment in moscow

Manchester United was crowned as the best in Europe after they ousted Chelsea in Luzhniki Stadium early this morning (Malaysian time). The scoreline after 130 minutes 1 - 1, and the penalty shootout result 5 - 4 to Man Utd.

Let's relive the moment in Moscow, and see how the Red Devils made through 130 minutes of football, plus the penalty shoot-out.

Image Hosted by
All English affair in city of Moscow.

Image Hosted by
Before kick-off, the lucrative honour and silverware all managers and players crave for. It will be the Cup to fight for between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Image Hosted by
Cristiano Ronaldo rose high to the top to meet Wes Brown's cross, guiding in his header to the back of the net. Chelsea defenders looked helpless, and Cech was stunned in his position, he didn't even move.

Image Hosted by
Paul Scholes were left bloodied after clashing with Claudia Makelele. He suffered concussion, and had momentary blurred vision. He stayed on to play through the match until 87 minutes, that's when Ryan Giggs was introduced into the game. Giggs also made history by breaking Sir Bobby Charlton's club record appearance in Europe.

Image Hosted by
Manchester United dominated the first half, while Chelsea took charge most of the second. They ended 90 minutes with a 1 - 1 stalemate. Not even a Didier Drogba's red card in the 116th minute could change the scoreline.

Image Hosted by
The hero, almost a villain the same night, had his spot kick saved by Petr Cech. It was Manchester United's third kick.

Image Hosted by
A slip of a lifetime. John Terry missed the kick, which could have sent the trophy to London instead, after he slipped while taking his kick. He was left soaked in rain of agony.

Image Hosted by
A hero's redemption. Edwin van der Saar made it count the most after his save on Nicolas Anelka's penalty kick, the first attempt after the shoot out went into Sudden Death. van der Saar failed to save any in the previous 5 shots, JT sent his shot completely wide.

Image Hosted by
New crop of heroes. The miss, the save, the luck. Manchester United - the Champion in 2008.

Hope you enjoy the photos. All photos are from