Saturday, May 31, 2008

hollywood bridal fashion show @ theSpring - the preview

Bridal fashion show.

This time round, it was a bridal fashion showcase served up by Hollywood Bridal, a Kuching-based bridal studio. The fashion show followed through by the Miss Spring Time, of which I posted a couple of posts earlier.

Let's take a sneak peek on what the show was like that day. You know we could tell if the show is good with just the crowd's attention, right? The larger the crowd, the better the show is, no?

So check item #1 - The crowd.

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Okay-lah, there are people concentrating on the model, and the dress, of course, while aiming their camera's crosshair onto their target.

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Notice the "xiao bai" (mini white cannon) in the middle of the pack?

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*cough* And er.. ahem.. some of you may think the girl in yellow is cute, no? *cough*

Check item #2 - the model.

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The model looks cute, right?

So with the two items checked, the show should be an okay one. :)

So, check back again to see the show through my lens. I used my EF 50mm f/1.8 throughout the show. I'm really loving my 50mm. Wanna get other lens, but I'm in financial constrain to do so.

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Oh, and i spotted this too. It's my friend in the picture again. LOL! His 'wedding shot'. LOL


Soon Hui said...

The girl in yellow! Allen, why didn't you snap more photos of her?

Soon Hui said...

Allen, can you get her hp number also? haha

allen said...

[ soonhui ]
maybe next time

ahlost said...

Err.. How come got red table over there geh?

allen said...

[ ahlost ]
table's the judges' panel. LOL for the miss miss thingy..