Monday, May 19, 2008

charity concert - feature: andrew

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Earlier this month, there was a charity mini concert featuring some of the local chinese artists, they are Andrew 陈势安, Yise 罗忆诗, 曾国辉 and Michael 黄光良. The venue was set at Christian Ecumenical and Worship Center.

I had 3 VIP passes to that event, but then, everyone wasn't free to go. So, I had to go there alone. I was told that we could actually redeem a CD free with a VIP pass, so I thought it wasn't a bad idea after all. At least there are 3 CDs if I use up all the passes to redeem the CDs.

But too bad, I was told that the CD redemptions are only for the normal passes, not Sponsor passes. And, unfortunately, I was holding sponsor tickets. Too bad, no CDs for me.

Also, I find that the passes made no differences at all. There are three types of passes, RM 30, RM 50 and RM 100, with the VIP ones costing 100 ringgit. I didn't have a good shot of the hall cos I was mounting EF 50mm f/1.8 to my 350D.

Then again, shouldn't complain that much, since this one is a charity concert. So, yeah, all for good deeds.

The order of performance should be like this:
1. Andrew 陈势安
2. Yise 罗忆诗
3. 曾国辉
4. Michael 黄光良

Anyways, I wasn't there for long. I was there for the first two performances only. Cos' I had to go to some other location that very night.

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The crowd. Note: See the front-most girl with a Nikon camera? She was sitting at the first row, which is designated for the VIPs.

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Some people at work.

There was a bit of delay, but it didnt' take long for them to introduce Andrew to stage. Once he got on stage, he went through the routine stuff, i.e. greeting,s introduction, bla bla bla.. and then he started the performance.

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Andrew in Kuching.

The evening was quite difficult with the multicolor spotlight on stage. Like Edwin had pointed out, multicolor spotlight can really give photographers headache with the strong color hue. We'll get to see examples of the photos later in this post.

That night, my main focus was to catch a back-lit subject, like the performer's head being back lit by the lighting sets on stage. Took few of those shots, it wasn't easy to get the right one. But the effect is sure nice. It would have been nicer if photos can be taken with a longer zoom lens, like a 70-200mm f/2.8. That would really be lovely.

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Here's one of the example of red hue dominating other light/ambiance, but it's fine. I like it, as it reflects the originality. Still tolerable.

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While I was trying to capture a back-lit subject, it was pretty hard to avoid lens flare in the picture.

Andrew performed few songs and had an interval break, where the organizers slotted in a game session, where the artiste interacted with their fans. The crowd was really shy, it took them ages just to gather 6 volunteers from the crowd.

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Dance, dance, dance.

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Andrew and the fans.

So, after the game, Andrew continued his performance with a couple more songs, before he passed the stage on to the next performer.

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Waving goodbye.

Andrew came to the entertainment industry via the local talent reality quest show - Astro Talent Search. He was of the same batch with Anthony Chang 郑伟康, but I personally prefer Andrew than Anthony.

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The yellow hue from the strobe, too harsh.

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Worst of all, this is too red to save. LOL


Gabrielle Lim & Tan Peng Hee said...

I heard this concert was a failure cos too few people turn up.

allen said...

[ gab & tan ]
yeah, sort of. I couldn't even get people to go with me, despite the lure of "VIP access". Some more, it rained that night.

I guess it was wrong timing. Too bad.