Thursday, May 01, 2008

phua chu kang was in town

The contractor in yellow boots was in town.

Before that, Paul and Rose, I'm gonna show you where I was. Scroll down to the picture below.

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Photo credit to Paul. Thanks Paul!

Can see me or not? Big circle there leh! Hehe.. I was in Black, Nana was in Pink. The picture was taken on Day 2.

Now, Day 1.

Singapore's tourism ambassador Phua Chu Kang (or Gurmit Singh) was in town for the Uniquely Singapore weekend, which happened here at the Spring shopping mall. The event was three-day-long, but Phua Chu Kang was only featured on Saturday and Sunday.

I was there both on Saturday and Sunday.

I was held up with some issue in the afternoon, and when I got there, the show had already started. All I could see was heads blocking my view, standing in front of my line of fire. I couldn't get good shot.

Shortly after I arrived, Samantha Poh was on stage. (I missed out on Nana's turn to answer some questions off stage).

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When Samantha meets Phua Chu Kang...

She stunned Phua Chu Kang himself by calling him "Chuuuuuu..". Phua Chu Kang's comical reaction drew laughter from the crowd. People just adore him.

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Crowd viewing from the top

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Heads everywhere.

See how far off I was from the stage? I shot all the photos in Day 1 using my EF 90-300mm USM.

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Funny jokes and comical act were PCK's trademark and specialty. But, he surprised the crowd with his sensible vocal. He performed Westlife's Mandy. He sure is talented. His song would have captured all the girls' hearts out there, provided him not using the wig, the mole, and the yellow boots.

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That's it for Day 1, and we'll be back for more of Day 2.

"Don't play play~!"


Soon Hui said...

"Don't play play~!"
Wrong! It's Don't pray pray~~haha

ahlost said...

*LOL* ..