Monday, October 30, 2006

a lazy day

It's been long time when blue sky was last seen above Kuching. Haze clouded Kuching, and most part of Sarawak, and Sabah, also the rest of Malaysia and Borneo for at least a month or two.

It sure was a pure joy to have those sky blue peeping through the clouds. And clouds, clouds were vaguely visible during those hazy times we have had. No doubt, it sure was nice to have them back. And, we all hope it stays for a long, long time.

A stroll around my house today, to see some cactus, and peep on the blue sky with clouds.

Small/mini cactus

Some plants

Obviously I'm not good in plants and greeneries. I just like them, but I am not an expert in them.

And lastly, this post is written days after the blue breaks through the gray in the sky.

Friday, October 27, 2006

tagged - weird nine tag

I am tagged! Normally, I don't really bother bout the tags and all. Frankie tagged me once, I didn't do. I was too busy with other stuff, and I forgot about it. Irene tagged me once either, and same case, I got too busy and I forgot.

Now I am tagged by a panda. Since I am still unemployed. I don't have much reason NOT doing it huh?

A clarification: This is NOT what I would usually do.

Here goes:
9 weird facts about me-self:

1. I first read this weird tag at Panda's.
2. I decided to do this tag.
3. Prefer Kuching, Borneo to KL.
4. Dislike clubbing?
5. Fancy no liquor and tabacco.
6. Love sports (I just love everything about sports, playing them and watching them, i.e. I play basketball; and I watch soccer, but I don't play soccer. And, the list grows for other sports too, which include the likes of tennis, F1 etc.)
7. Love nature.
8. Love driving.
9. You don't see my face on this blog!

There! Completed!

Now.. in return.. I shall tag.. No one! ;-)

Photo of the day:

Can you see the blue sky at the background? That's no photoshop. It's genuine clear blue sky from Mother Nature! Haze has cleared out from Kuching as now. I hope it stays that way longer!

More photos on clear blue skies in my upcoming entry.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

photos of the day

These are what I have just uploaded in my deviantART, as well as my Flickr. What pleased me was the fact that these photos made instant impact as soon as I upload them to my account. Couple of the works were made favourites, and few more praises were sung to them!

I just can't help but feeling satisfied! :-)

Click here to view more of my work!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

selamat hari raya

Hari Raya Aidilfitri marks the end of Ramadan month (or holy month of fasting) for Muslim friends.

Greetings to all Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Happy Holidays to everyone else!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

one way ticket; destination -> Borneo

" Festive Note: Happy Deepavali!
Warning: Long post with plenty photos! It may take longer than usual to load this page. Please be informed. "

After crossing South China Sea, I am standing on the Borneo land again. It has been three weeks since I took the one way ticket back to Borneo. Again, I must say that the decision did not come easy. It was a tough one to make. Nevertheless, we must not regret for the decisions we make.

I have had my fun in my one-year-stay in KL. No doubt, there are things which is available ONLY in Kuala Lumpur. There are things which can only be done there ONLY. And, I cannot deny I will miss some of the KL features, e.g.:

  • Bookstore, i.e. Kinokuniya, MPH.
  • Cinema, i.e. GSC, TGV, Cathay, IMAX (I have yet to visit IMAX!)
  • Redbox

I will also miss the cheaper price on reading materials as well as the variety offered in Kuala Lumpur. Books in Malaysia are not that cheap already, yet the price here in Kuching is even more costly! Sigh. I find this really discouraging, and disheartening for book lovers.

Also, I miss the illumination in KL. You can't find better place with that much illumination in Malaysia already!

Next in list may be some of the hangout places in KL. They may not have much quiet, relaxing hangout places in KL, but they definitely have plenty happening places to hang-around in. For those looking for excitement, and new buzz in town, you can drop by places like Sri Hartamas, Bukit Bintang, Damansara ala The Curve, and many more.

Though I miss those, they are never really things I need everyday. It isn't a necessity for me. If I really want those, I could always fly over to enjoy this.

Of course, by flying back over here, I will not need to cope with the common headache everyone has - the traffic, and the toll.

Also, I can exclude the crowd in the train (LRT) during the peak hours. You could hardly move and breathe during those hours. There have been reports on the LRT service by Putra (Kelana Jaya) line being interuptted serveral times over the couple of months.

With me being here, I wouldn't have to worry about those anymore!

A frequent question I have been pointed to when my decision to come back was first made known. The answer was pretty simple. Because..

"It is my home.."

It is my home I am heading back to. Why does it sound wrong for me to head home? Kuching isn't that bad. Afterall, it's another city, not kampung.

Things wasn't that pretty since I arrived in early October. There is one thing I miss dearly over here in Kuching. I believe most part in Malaysia are facing the same problem. Haze attack.

I miss the blue color in the sky. The serenity of the sky blue. Or even the sky color. At the moment, the sky seems monotonous, being gray all day long.

Don't we all miss this?

Beatiful, isn't it? The blue sky and the fluffy clouds. Why do you have to burn so much? Why do you have to cause so much haze? It's been a decade since the problem started. Remember 1997, folks?

I just hope things will turn well. Our skies will be colored with the mesmerizing tone!

I may not be able to explore the Penisular without my car there already. I cannot visit Cherating, Ipoh, Cameron, Malacca and etc. with ease already. However, I intend to start new chapter of adventure in Borneo. Now, this is where the exotic part of Malaysia lies.

I shall start planning my next trip as soon as I secure an employment here in Kuching.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

new chapter

Dear everyone,

I'm back in Kuching, and finally got the Internet connection up and running after long weeks!

This will be a quickie, there has been some changes while I was away from here. The most notable change would be the tag-board by the side, which is replaced by c-box now.

I'm not fully settled yet, gimme some time to do some housekeeping, and I'll be back in business! I hope you guys still remember me after 2 long weeks.

Till then,

Sunday, October 01, 2006

05.2000 ~ 01.10.2006

It's coming to an end now. My life in the West of Malaysia will end after I board the plane tomorrow morning, 2 October 2006. The departure time is scheduled at 1145 hour.

As after this entry, a2blog will go into a hiatus status until further notice. The reason being is I have not got broadband connection back in Kuching. I will apply that a.s.a.p. What is life without Internet after having it integrated into my life for the past half-a-decade.

I made a wish list in my previous post, hoping I can cover all mentioned before I leave. Unfortunately, none of those materialized. I had underestimated my packing, which took too much of my time from me.

Oh well, I can always fly over with AirAsia for the weekend, whenever they have promotional offer. Or, I could even write to Datuk Tony Fernandez, to propose a deal with him, so that I can fly over here more frequent to cover all tourism spot possible. Reason of choice: Only b'cos they can offer price as low as RM9.90 per trip to selected locations.

Here, I wish to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all my friends and ex-colleagues, who were generous enough to spend me farewell meal and gifts. It was a nice gesture from y'all. Thank you!

That will be all for now, trying to keep this post from being too wordy and lengthy. Keep visiting my blog in future, expect more to come! (As soon as I get the Internet back)

"Keep in touch, people from West!
And Kuching, I'm coming home!
Prepare for the return of the King.. I mean Allen!"

Photo of the Day:

p/s: There is not much of relevant phtos I can upload here. Pardon me for that. Nevertheless, I shall try to upload few more in both my deviantART and flickr before I disconnects my machine later. Click to find out later.

" Life in West Malaysia (mid-May 2000 ~ 01 October 2006):
Malacca (mid-May 2000 ~ 15 May 2005)
Kuala Lumpur (29 May 2005 ~ 01 October 2006) "

Country Roads by John Denver
Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver