Friday, October 27, 2006

tagged - weird nine tag

I am tagged! Normally, I don't really bother bout the tags and all. Frankie tagged me once, I didn't do. I was too busy with other stuff, and I forgot about it. Irene tagged me once either, and same case, I got too busy and I forgot.

Now I am tagged by a panda. Since I am still unemployed. I don't have much reason NOT doing it huh?

A clarification: This is NOT what I would usually do.

Here goes:
9 weird facts about me-self:

1. I first read this weird tag at Panda's.
2. I decided to do this tag.
3. Prefer Kuching, Borneo to KL.
4. Dislike clubbing?
5. Fancy no liquor and tabacco.
6. Love sports (I just love everything about sports, playing them and watching them, i.e. I play basketball; and I watch soccer, but I don't play soccer. And, the list grows for other sports too, which include the likes of tennis, F1 etc.)
7. Love nature.
8. Love driving.
9. You don't see my face on this blog!

There! Completed!

Now.. in return.. I shall tag.. No one! ;-)

Photo of the day:

Can you see the blue sky at the background? That's no photoshop. It's genuine clear blue sky from Mother Nature! Haze has cleared out from Kuching as now. I hope it stays that way longer!

More photos on clear blue skies in my upcoming entry.


Anonymous said...

why we don't get to see your face on the blog?
i think it's normal to put a picture there not matter the guy/girl pretty/handsome/ugly.....

allen said...

being guy/girl/pretty/handsome/ugly has not got to do with me not showing my face in my blog.

i just want to theme my blog towards tourism/photography. just like that. ;-)

13th Panda said...

I don't show my face either :-) i tink i have more privacy that way.

What kind of sport u like?no elaboration der..u should write more.

Really no liquor meh?i tot guys always drink?at least red wine?no?

allen said...

hehe.. that makes the two of us here! yeah.. more privacy! i'm with you on this one! hehe..

sports ah.. ok loh.. i re-edit it a bit lo..

red wine.. hmm.. i don't drink those unless required to.