Sunday, December 04, 2005

a change...

a change is what this blog needs. hereby, i shall announce that a²blog will have a facelift. ain't sure when it'll be completed, but it sure will have a new look. let's just pray that it's soon.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Back online

It's been a while, but finally a²blog is able to get back online. However, there's not much time for me to keep on updating here. But I'll make time soon. It's been busy. Life's always busy.

Next entry will be a true entry. Hopefully a meaningful one. Cheers to all!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


a²blog has not been functioning in the normal level lately. the posts aren't of the normal styles, and they are extremely boring, and aim-less. hopefully everything will be resolved soon. it will always be a better tomorrow everyday!

afterall, it is hope that keeps us alive, and living on our lives.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Boy..

The boy has not been himself lately.
The boy is down, down with fear and fear.
The boy fears the scar in his heart.
The boy fears the recurrence of his past.
The boy fears of something that he can't even explain of himself.
The boy can only pray to Him.
The boy can only hope for the best.

As, the boy fears that the angel may leave him.

Next important date: 7 November, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005





I am feeling so bored. The blog is getting dull and boring, there is not much color here. I couldn't upload and share any photos and pictures here. Sigh..

Life's gone without Internet access at home!


**Upcoming/Next Important date: 16 October 2005...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Return of A70

Canon A70 returns!

It looks better than before. So new that I even have doubts that if that camera is mine or not. Nevertheless, I am happy to have it back, working properly now. Hehe.. So, snap shooting time is back!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My 30th Post

All blank. I can't think much.

Why? Why? Why?

Can I do it?

Regardless, I must resolve it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

My wish list

1. Job/Career
2. Transport
3. My Angel
4. Canon 350D
5. Canon Powershot (My Canon A70 replacement)
6. My own business
7. Juniors
8. A new Mobile Phone (Replacement for my Nokia 8210 - since 2001)
9. Watch
10. Home Sweet Home

Will the list grow? Definitely yes! Hehe..

Friday, October 07, 2005

A Quick Update

I have been busy for the past week. Shifted place, went down to Malacca, rushed back, busy with work (training), and I have not got Internet access at my place. But, everything is settling down slowly. Just because of no internet access, the prof. is unable to share stuff in a²blog. Too bad. It's been a quiet place here.

My Canon A70 is down again, sent it for servicing yet again. If it costs me money to repair again, I would abandon the attempt to revive her. Sigh. She's been with me for 2 years, but dying, I guess it's due to my excessive usage. Hehe. Should my A70 goes down, I'll be aiming for Canon 350D, as well as another Powershot product. The latter one comes into the frame much later. 350D has higher priority. My 128MB SanDisk CF went down as well. The data corrupted mysteriously. However, thank goodness I was able get a replacement with nothing charged. The replacement is a 128MB CF of other brand, can't remember the name though.

It's October and Fasting Month for the Muslims. Hmm.. I miss home (but this has nothing to do with the Raya or Muslim's festive holiday).

Till next time, signing off.

The Little Thing She Does

The little thing she does,
makes me happy;

The little thing she does,
makes sour turns sweet;

The little thing she does,
may not mean much;

The little thing she does,
sure sent a smile to me.

She's such an angel,
a cute angel.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


a²bog will go offline on temporary basis from October onwards. This status remains until further notice. To be exact, until I get Internet connection in the new place.

I'm moving! New chapter of the life! Yay!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Once a basketman; Always a basketman!

"Once a basketman, always a basketman."

That statement was quoted from a Taiwanese TV series, I think. Nevertheless, it is well-said. Once a basketman; you're always a basketman. I just can't say enough and express how much my love is towards the game.

I haven't been able to play basketball often nowadays. I guess that also explains my expansion rate of the waist size. Haha.. *embarrassed*

Nevertheless, I managed to play for the first time in almost few months. I was no longer at my best anymore. Struggle with fitness, stamina, speed and everything! Gosh. I was so much weaker than I used to be. I felt old.

Despite those, I still managed to create the highlight of the night. Use your imagination if you have one. Hehe..

Leading a fast break from the defensive end, I drove all the way to the basket from the left wing. I had 2 team mates trailing behind me. With one defender in my way, I made a little flip with my right hand, a no-look-behind-my-head-alley-oop-pass to one of my teammate, and he finished it off nicely! It was the bomb of the night. If he could dunk, it would have been picture perfect! Whoooa! The feeling I had was indescribable. It was priceless.

Priceless... Ya diggit, dawg?

Friday, September 09, 2005

English Talk

Today, our main highlight is on vocabulary. This, I believe is among this most frequent made mistake among the Malaysians, regardless East or West. Introducing the stars of the day, I present you... 'Accent' and 'Slang'.
People often the word slang in the place of accent. People are easily confused the word slang, thinking that that word actually carries the meaning of accent. This is actually incorrect. Example of the error:
"David talks with a British slang."
which they are actually trying to say:
"David talks with a British accent."
If you lookup for the meaning of slang. You will get these:
Slang (noun)

  • A kind of language occurring chiefly in casual and playful speech, made up typically of short-lived coinages and figures of speech that are deliberately used in place of standard terms for added raciness, humor, irreverence, or other effect.

  • Language peculiar to a group; argot or jargon: thieves' slang.
  • more information can be obtained from
    As for the word accent,

    n 1: distinctive manner of oral expression; "he couldn't suppress his contemptuous accent"; "she had a very clear speech pattern" [syn: speech pattern] 2: special importance or significance; "the red light gave the central figure increased emphasis"; "the room was decorated in shades of gray with distinctive red accents" [syn: emphasis] 3: the usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people; "the immigrants spoke an odd dialect of English"; "he has a strong German accent" [syn: dialect, idiom] 4: the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch); "he put the stress on the wrong syllable" [syn: stress, emphasis] 5: a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation [syn: accent mark] v 1: to stress, single out as important; "Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet" [syn: stress, emphasize, emphasise, punctuate, accentuate] 2: put stress on; utter with an accent; "In Farsi, you accent the last syllable of each word" [syn: stress, accentuate]
    more information can be obtained from
    So, slang is not accent, nor accent is slang. Please bear that in mind, and try to correct yourself or your friends in future.
    Practice good english. It helps!

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Joke: School Day Morning

    I got this joke courtesy from forwaded message in the Instant Messenger. I'll share it here:


    One Early morning a mother went to her sleeping son and woke him up.

    MOM : "Wake up, son. It's time to go to school."
    SON : "But why, Mama? I don't want to go to school."
    MOM : "Give me two reasons why you don't want to go to school."
    SON : "One, all the chilldren hate me. Two, all the teachers hate me."
    MOM : "Oh! that's not a reason. Come on, you have to go to school."
    SON : "Give me two good reasons WHY I *should* go to school?"
    MOM : "One, you are fifty two years old and should understand your responsibilities. Two, you are the Principal of the school.

    English Talk

    Somehow I just feel like bringing this issue to the attention. It's gonna be English, a language concern. I have noticed that people here in Malaysia have some serious problems with the language they're using. It all started with people trying to be cool, or trying to pick up some slang they thought which would be cool to use it in their daily conversation.

    Here is a first to many mis-slang (that's what I name it here, misuse of slang) -- Damn. The word 'damn' is pretty much misused here. It is understandable where the slang was picked from. Thanks to heavy American movie shown in the cinemas, Malaysians, namely pennisular here started using Damn all over the place.

    Firstly, the word damn is to be used to emphasis how bad the situation one is in. This is how it is meant to be used. e.g. "Damn, this ain't good. We ought to do something!" or "Damn! How could I missed that shot? I was wide open.." or this may sound bit offensive, but to God I swear, I have no disrespect to You, I just want to bring a valid example up. "God damn it!" (obviously, it's swearing, and show of disappointment, and dissatisfaction.)

    Now, the damn in very Malaysian way:

    "I am damn hungry.."
    "That show is so damn nice.."
    "Ooooh.. Brad Pitt is so damn cute.."
    "Damn nice-lah, this fella.."

    In the sentence, you condemn the object in the conversation anyhow you look at it. It just doesn't sound nice. Damn isn't the right word for stressing or emphasizing one situation. It is just wrong, and it does not sound nice at all! Never!

    If you search "Damn" in, you will get this in as the return of result:
    As verb (verb means action, for those who don't know):

  • To pronounce an adverse judgment upon. See Synonyms at condemn.

  • To bring about the failure of; ruin.

  • To condemn as harmful, illegal, or immoral: a cleric who damned gambling and strong drink.

  • To condemn to everlasting punishment or a similar fate; doom.

  • To swear at.

  • As an adjective (to describe a noun: a noun means an object):

  • to express dissatisfaction or annoyance

  • So, before you start to damn at anything, think twice before you start using the word damn. Do NOT ever condemn the meaning of damn.

    Practice good English daily! Even you are at a chat, or typing text messages! Make it a habit. Cheers!

    Photo of the Day

    This picture was taken on the 21st January 2005. Location would be at Melaka, Taman Dahlia. Shutter speed at 1/8 second, with Aperture at F/3.2. Exposure compensation was set to -1.3 step to enhance the color of the sky.

    Birthday Dedication

    Happy Birthday dedication goes to my cousin, who turns 24; and another old friend of mine, who turns 22. Have fun and enjoy! Be happy and stay happy! Cheers!

    Friday, September 02, 2005

    Owen to Premiership? Owen to Newcastle

    "Owen Signs Four-Year Deal with Magpies"

    After months of speculation, it is finally confirmed that English wonder boy (wonder if I still could call him that, he's 25 now) is returning to England with Newcastle United. I read the headline with disbelief. Few months ago, Owen has got his name linked to several leading clubs in England, namely Arsenal, MU, Liverpool and even Chelsea.

    It is really a surprise that there is no other club who would bid for Owen's signature. Arsene Wenger was the first to openly to admit his admiration on Owen's ability, but he will have no place for the England striker. He claimed that he has already got Frenchman Thierry Henry, who plays very similarly to Michael Owen. Manchester United was reported to say that they will have the money to fund Michael Owen's transfer should Sir Alex wants the England striker. With the way they are playing at the moment, scoring 11 goals and yet to concede a goal in all competitive matches this season, they show that they do not really need Michael Owen after all. Liverpool is understood to refuse to match the asking price from Real Madrid, reported to be 17 million pound. The European champion has other department to invest on, to strengthen their squad for their challenge in the season. As for Chelsea, I don't think they really need a striker anyways. Their wingers and midfielders have done more than enough to cover their striker's ass woes.

    That left Owen with no choice, but to sign with bottom-tabled Newcastle United. He desperately needs to get his bum off Real's bench, and Newcastle desperately needs to start scoring goal (they have yet to find the net in all the premiership game this season).

    Speaking of Newcastle United, Graeme Souness may have gotten away from the axe in August. He may think that it is a sign a relief. But, true nightmare begins now. Despite late acquisition of Owen and Nolberto Solano before the closure of transfer window on 31st August. The Toons are doubtful to able to ignite the spark they have had some 10 years ago. Realistically, they could be in relegation dogfight this season. Jean-Alain Boumsong had displayed comical error, which Rooney fully capitalized on the chances given in MU's recent 2 nil success in St. James' Park. Rooney scored the first and set up the second for strike partner Ruud.

    Alan Shearer is no longer a 15-20 goal per season striker. He's ageing already. Should Souness be sacked this season. I can see that the successor would automatically be Alan Shearer.

    Only God knows how the Magpies' fate will turn out to be. For sure, he may have kept his job beyond August, but Graeme Souness' nightmare has just begun. Owen's four-year contract, may not last that long, if Newcastle fails to spark, or if they are relegated (hard to imagine, but that was what happened to Leeds few years ago)

    We'll see how it goes. International break this weekend. World Cup qualifiers up next.

    Prediction for the season?
    English Barclays Premier League:
    Champions: MU (simply becos I am an MU supporter, and that they are playing pretty well this far)
    Runners-up: Arsenal
    **Haha.. Biased! I don't like Chelsea anyways..

    Champions: Barca
    Runners-up: Real Madrid
    **It will be tight this season...

    Champions: Inter Milan
    Runners-up: Juventus
    **Inter looks sizzling hot with Adriano, Figo and some recruit from Real Mdrid.

    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    It struck me..

    It suddenly struck me in my head.

    I was walking down the street, heading back home. I couldn't help myself from wondering into lands of thoughts while walking down the street at night. It was then 9:47p.m.

    I was heading home all right, however, it is not the exact home I wish to be. I was just heading to the place where I could lie down, and have my eyes shut and call it a day. It is just a shelter for me to have my rest and my sleep. My actual location is pretty far away from my true home, in fact, it's ocean-apart. The piece of land where I am standing now and where my real home are separated by South China Sea. It isn't that far if you refer to the World map, even if you refer to Malaysian Map, it is still not that far. But, it is far enough for me.

    It's been six years since I board the plane, which brought me to Subang Airport in KL end of April 2000. Six long years I have been away from home. I have spent five of the six years in the historical city of Malacca. Although I occasionally go back for holiday, it was not enough to prevent the fact that I am more of a stranger in my homeland. The longer I stay away from home, the more I feel I am a stranger to the place. Whenever I was out back home, I don't get to see things which I am familiar with, they're constantly changing. I don't get the sense of familiarity from the people around me. Friends who I used to spend time with during my younger days, are either abroad studying or working, or getting busy with their own lives, working or settling down with their own families, kids and spouses. It wouldn't be surprise if I feel that I am out of place each time I return to my homeland.

    Few months ago, I have decided that I may just take this chance, to expose myself to the life in a harsh place, fast-paced environment in the nation's capital. I thought I could utilized this opportunity to observe and learn something which couldn't be found back home. My priority wasn't to find pots of gold here, neither was my true intention. The pot of gold I am searching at this point is nothing of monetary form. It is the knowledge which I am looking for, the knowledge I hope to gain, enough for me to bring back home to start developing the land I was born in. Pretty ambitious goal, I know, and it could be naive too. But, without goal and vision, what makes of us? Where will we be if we have no directions to head to? Won't we be drifting around aimlessly, looking lost?

    With that personal goal I set for myself, I strive for survival aiming to achieve that goal in 2-3 years time. I may not get the chance in my first strike. Fair enough, the world isn't perfect. I was determined to standby my decision and reasons to stay in the peninsular.

    That determination took a hit. It was sort of a wake-up call. I was on phone with my parents while I was in the LRT Train (LRT: Light Rail Transit). My dad celebrated his Lunar 51st Birthday today. 51st birthday is one of the most meaningful moment according to chinese tradition, yet, I missed it. I was not there for him. After the phone conversation ended, I wandered into thoughts. Few days ago, I read this entry in my friend's blog, where he faced death for the first time in his life. He lost someone close in his life. That added some note to my thought as well.

    One of the greatest fear for us, as human, is to lose something. Fears stake up more, if one loses something irreplacable, something that even Roman Abramovich cannot buy with his millions. There is a saying that money isn't everything. This is very true to certain extent. It is important to gain wealth, however, there are really something which has higher value than wealth. I have lost 5-6 years of time with my family, and I am going to lose more of those time when I decided to stay here for an extension of at least a year or two. Those time I have lost, I could never replace it even i become a millionaire one day. I could never buy the time when my nieces were born, when my nieces grew up, how my nieces grow from a cute cuddling baby to a grown up girl, when my parents celebrated their birthday, when my grandma celebrates her golden age, and the list grows on and on...

    I had missed most of the moments I could not possibly turn it back now. And, we know that there might be a possibility that some of the events, may not occur anymore. How long can an individual live in this modern day? 70-80 years? A century is an unlikely mark to achieve now. My parents are at the half-century mark now. They have lost their time with their only son for 5-6 years, and most likely they'll have to endure that a little longer. I suddenly feel sorry for that.

    How much value does money has? Is money really that powerful? I guess not, it is important, but not that important yet. I love my parents. I will make sure my adventure to this land will end after a year or two. I will not make them going through days, where they return to and empty home. They have endured a tough time already, spending years worrying and supporting me. It had been tough for them. I want to repay the time lost to my parents and my family.

    Just a little longer.. I shall be back.. I am sorry..

    Cherish love, cherish time, cherish your love ones..

    Most of the time, things don't last forever... Cheish while you are still at it...

    *Updated: The world is not just about me and myself only. I still have people whom I love, people whom I care, and someone whom I like.. I will not miss out on any chance and moment with them. At least I will try not to... I don't wanna miss a thing.


    Oh! Silly me.. How can I forget?

    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

    48 years ago, Malaya declared independency from the English colonization. Led by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Malaya was born. 6 years later, Malaysia is officially formed when Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore (No wonder people remember Sabah better than Sarawak, it's the alphabetical effect. Despite Sarawak being the largest state in Malaysia, most people in Penisular knows not much about this land. How sad.) joins into Alliance of Malaysia. It was then 15 September 1963.

    Some time later, 9 August.. Singapore withdrew from Malaysia, and declare itself as a nation.

    Hmm. that's some bit of history. That's the best I could remember from my SPM days! Not too bad, consider the score I had for the History paper. Hehe.. Shh....


    Picture of the Day

    Since I have not much idea what to blog about, I will just emulate what my friend is doing in his blog ( I'll just do this Picture of the Day thing.

    So here it goes!

    This pic is taken quite sometime ago. On the left is Menara Public (or Public Bank Tower.. or whatever it is..) on the right, you have.. heck.. I don't even know the name. It's the AmBank Building though.

    Photos taken with Canon Powershot A70 (Shutter speed: 1/2 sec, Aperture: F5.6, ISO: N/A)

    I just happen to forget what the ISO setting was. Hehe.

    Friday, August 26, 2005


    Clock's showing exactly 10 minutes to 6p.m., I'll be gone off from the office when the minute-hand strikes the number 12. It's been an unproductive day for me. Not sure what I should blame to, but it just happens to be unproductive.

    I spent the morning chatting away. Chat topic surrounds job and money. Clearly, that has been my main concern of late. It's really bothering me a lot, facing prospect without having a proper job when the industrial training expires is just unthinkable. Money is essential to survive in this city. Money is what I need to get before I make any other move. Yet, I have failed to secure an employement for myself. What has possiby gone wrong? Although I have other backup plan, but I would really wish that this matter can be resolved within this month.

    Decision has been made, I was, and still am determined, to stay in pennisular for the duration I have initially planned. And, I will stick to the decision I have made. Having known the situation I am in, someone just can't stop telling me how other fresh grads are making better pay than he is right now. I am okay to be the listener and share. But I was okay until he just couldn't stop and went over the limit. As if he is taking me as a victim of his evil plan, putting me in more misery than I have had, just to ease his own problem. Man, I know my shit situation better than anyone out there; thus, I know what my priority should be. Time's ticking. I am playing a very dangerous game here.

    So please, as low as your pay may be, as long as you have enough to keep you survive at this point, be GRATEFUL! Survive first and strike later! You can't do much if you don't survive at all. You're given no chance if you fail to survive! Now I am paving my way to survival, not knowing if I am able to make it to the survival shore or not. At least you're surviving, and you get to have a chance to strike back.

    It's been 15 minutes since I first started with this entry. Signing off now...

    Friday, August 19, 2005


    English Premiership has got their season started last week. And, I am really slow to put my update here! I haven't really got much time lately. Sigh. Anyways, great start for Manchester United. Led by Rooney and Ruud, Manchester got their winning start at Everton with a 2-0 victory. Defending champion Chelsea was really lucky to walk away with a 1-0 victory at Wigan. Credit to Wigan, Chelsea deserved nothing to win that match. Wigan was mighty holding off Chelsea for more than 90 minutes, only an injury-time-Crespo goal spoilt the party. Arsenal also managed to get off a winning start by beating 10-man Newcastle United. Goals didn't come until the last 10 minutes, where Henry scored from penalty. European champion Liverpool had to settle for a draw with Middlesborough despite an inspiring effort by skipper Steven G.

    Results else where: Aston Villa 2 - 2 Bolton, Man City 0 - 0 WBA, Sunderland 1 - 3 Charlton, Tottenham 2 - 0 Portsmouth, Fulham 0 - 0 Birmingham, Everton 0 - 2 MU, Arsenal 2 - 0 Newcastle, Wigan 0 - 1 Chelsea, West Ham 3 - 1 Blackburn.

    Where will Owen go before transfer window closes on 31 August? I sure hope Man Utd can snap him up. This week should see Nakata in action with Bolton (or not? can't remember the report), Edgar Davids making Debut with Hot Spurs.

    Special Note: Made a personal record by watching 3 movies in a row. Stealth is a no brainer. Story line sucks big time. If you're looking for actions and explosions, it is still okay. Fantastic 4 isn't that BAD! Just that I have to agree on it's story line, it lacks development. Probably too many superheros in the movie. Pace of movie was moving too quickly till at a point. Anyways, Jessica Alba sure is hot. *drools!*

    Friday, August 12, 2005


    One boy was floating in the cloud few days back.
    One boy is down with frustrations.
    One boy was hanging over the sweet moments he had.
    One boy is now back in reality.

    The girl was sweet and lovely.
    The girl is sweet and lovely.
    The girl was happy, and so was he.
    But the girl is still not his.

    Haze clouds the capitol.
    Doubts clouds the boy.
    Haze cleared a little bit, showing signs of better hope.
    Hope that it is the same for the boy.

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    Priceless Joy

    One boy came home smiling last night.
    One boy came home in the train smiling last night.
    He just couldn't stop the happiness flowing out from his heart.
    A sense of delight filled the boy's emotion.
    He is almost floating to the sky, though he is firmly seated on the chair.
    This new found joy for this boy, has been difficult to be expressed, hard to be explained.

    Maybe these are the reasons...

    The smile on her face.. priceless.
    The excited look on her face.. priceless.
    The joy that burst out from the inner her.. priceless.
    The moment the boy gets to see all these first hand.. most priceless!

    The Priceless Reasons..

    Happy Birthday, girl! Glad that you enjoyed yourself. ^_^

    Friday, July 22, 2005

    Sports Update

    It's a month into new football season in England. Barclays English Premier League will start in mid August. Teams are preparing their pre-season tour in their respective manner - Manchester United are in China for the Far East Trip; Bolton, Manchester City, Everton are competing for the Asia FA Cup in Thailand, where the host competes with the trio with their U-23 team; Chelsea will be playing against AC Milan next Monday.

    With the preparations going on. Chelsea again, will be the centre stage of the world again, with the deep pocket provided by their Russian Tycoon owener - Roman Abramovich. (Side fact: Russian Roman Abramovich ranks top 25 in the world's richest man list, and he's the youngest among top 25 at the age of 38) Having already acquired full back Del Horno from the Spain, and a 21 million pound Shaun Wright-Phillips from Manchester City, the Blues are looking onto strengthen their squad by luring Michael Essien from the French side Lyon. Chelsea have been denied in several attempts in their search for a quality striker, they now look on to acquire the young Ghanaian in bid to their own quest of win-it-all season next term. They were already a runaway champion last term, winning the league margin ahead of top two English team for the past decades, Arsenal and Manchester United.

    In contrast to the multispending Chelsea, Manchester has been considerably quiet in the transfer market, while having their own saga going on. Manchester United have recently been bought by American billionnaire Malcolm Glazer, who later delisted Manchester United from the stock market, making them from a PLC (public limited company) to a solely-owned team. So far, in their summer transaction, they have only secured veteran Dutch keeper Edwin Van Da Saar (Fulham), and South Korean midfielder, Park Ji-Sung (PSV Eindhoven). Spotlight was also on central-defender Rio Ferdinand over the halt of the contract talks.

    Arsenal, meanwhile, had took a gamble by offloading their ever influencial and iconic midfield caption Patrick Viera to Juventus. Arsene Wenger seems to have been prepared for the life-after Viera, as he looks on to replace the void left by the combative midfielder. I am sure Mr. Wenger has little problem in that, as he has undoubted talent on unearthing young talents, scouting a virtually unknown player, and making them a superstar in ARsenal.

    And so, the football business continues.. I can't write too much here. It'll be pages long if I go on.


    From football, we move on to basketball. Here's a quickie on what's going on with NBA. I wrote bit on the NBA Draft, where teams get to picked their rising stars from the colleges. Now, the move is to acquire free agents, signing them or re-signing them. Here are the updates:

    1. Atlanta Hawks
    2. Boston Celtics
    3. Charlotte Bobcats
    4. Cleveland Cavaliers
    - Reported to have signed Toronto's Donyall Marshall
    - Resigned center Z Ilgauskas
    - Signed Larry Hughes of Washington Wizards, whom had performed superbly last season with the Wizards, before injury took his All Star Berth away.
    5. Chicago Bulls
    6. Detroit Pistons
    - Larry Brown stepped down as Head Coach
    - Flip Saunders was hired as Head Coach
    7. Denver Nuggets
    8. Dallas Mavericks
    9. Golden State Warriors
    10. Houston Rockets
    - Captured Memphis' athletic forward Stromile Swift
    11. Indiana Pacers
    12. LA Lakers
    - Reported to have acquired Washingon Wizard's Kwame Brown via trade, sending Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins to the opposing side.
    13. LA Clippers
    - Reported to have secured signature for Catino Mobley, after he had rejected Sacramento King's offer.
    14. Minnesota Timberwolves
    15. Miami Heats
    - Re-signed forward Udonis Haslem
    16. Milwaukee Bucks
    - Signed Most Improved Player last term from LA Clippers -- Bobby Simmons
    - Re-signed Michael Redd
    17. New Jersey Nets
    - Signed Shareef Abdul Rahim from Portland to fill the void left by Kenyon Martin
    - Re-signed Clifford Robinson
    - In talk with Atlanta's Chris Crawford
    - Rumoured to have talk with Damon Stoudamire of Portland
    18. New Orlean Hornets
    19. New York Knicks
    - Signed Seattle's center Jerome James
    - Traded Kurt Thomas for Phoenix's Q Richardson and Nate Robinson (rookie from draft)
    20. Orlando Magic
    21. Philadephia 76ers
    - Reported to make deal with Kyle Korver and Willie Green
    22. Phoenix Suns
    - Acquired Kurt Thomas, sending Q Richardson and Nate Robinson to NYK
    23. Portland Trailblazers
    24. Sacramento Kings
    25. San Antonio Spurs
    - Made another international acquisition, Argentine center Oberto
    26. Seattle Supersonics
    - Resigned Ray Allen
    27. Toronto Raptors
    28. Utah Jazz
    29. Washington Wizards
    - Signed Seattle's Antonio Daniels to replace Larry Hughes.
    30. Memphis Grizzlies

    * Teams are not allowed to sign or announce their signing of their players until 22 July.


    That would be all for now. More updates to come.
    This weekend will be in Kuching. Nice to return home.

    Saturday, July 16, 2005


    I've been missing in action over the past week. It's been a busy week, packed with hectic schedule. I even left my previous post "The Call" unfinished. I am finally, kinda free at this point. Just resumed my unfinished post on the Maxis 3G Day 2 in my Photo Journal post.

    First of all, I'd like to express my belated birthday wishes to 2 of my friends, whom had their birthday on the 9th July and 12th July respectively -- Happy Belated Birthday! (Although I had sent them wishes on the exact day, I still thought it's a gesture needed here). I'm trying to maintain a no-name policy in this blog, but not sure if I had mentioned any in my previous blog. hehe.. nevermind. Also, I have another friend who's celebrating her birthday today on the 16th July. Happy Birthday!

    Okay.. I guess that's about it for the birthday dedications.

    Now, here's what I have been busy with. It's mentioned in this post. And, the final product would be here! Harry Potter book 6 -- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is launched today worldwide.. I ain't fan of the Potter dude, so not gonna elaborate too much on the book. And if you can read chinese, click here, and you will see why I was busy with what I had been busy with. Of course, not forgetting about my Final Interview for the job in Cyberjaya. It was really tiring to attend interviews. And, I spent quite a lot just to get myself there for the interview! I was quite nervous during the interview session, I was not quite sure what I was saying during the session. I guess it is pretty normal for people to be nervous huh? I don't really hope much for the interview, I mean I love the environment, the company.. it's very impressive, pretty good prospect, but I HATE the location, it's in Cyberjaya! Not where I want to be. Result will be known in 10 work days' time, that's what I was told, I think I have a week more to know if I get the job or not.

    So job hunting will continue, target: KL area. Not much to blog about. I've been smiling all week long, I'm just happy. So, hopefully this will last long.

    Till next entry.. Signing off... (back to reading Promotional Management)

    Friday, July 08, 2005

    London Terror

    The world is saddened by yet another terror attack. This time London. The series of bomb attacks, first explosions was recorded at 8.51am (London time), ripped through central London. Just 24 hours after winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic games, joy was soon over, andit was marred by this dark moment of terror attack.

    Four explosions occurred during morning rush hour in central London. The hit places were the public transport network in London. So far, the reported number of casualties hit 37 dead and more than 700 injured. The attack brought grieves throughout the world.

    I was really glad that my friend in UK is safe and sound. She's in Birmingham. She told me that she planned to travel to London, but had overslept and missed the bus. I really thank God for that. Who knows what might happen if she had gotten onto the bus!

    I am really saddened by this, can't write too much on this entry now. Let's mourn for the dead, and pray for the world peace. May God bless all the souls!

    Please stop world terror... and welcome world peace...

    Day1: The Call

    Tuesday (5 July 2005)
    1644 hr...

    Received a call from an unfamiliar number. It was a call up for an assessment test, and that the details would be forwarded to my email account. I was shocked, surprised and excited. It was my official first call up for interview. And, it is from a considerably large corporate. (I would prefer keeping the names to myself) The assessment would be at 9am the following day. The moment the conversation ended, I knew I had to made arrangements and adjustments. My current schedule has been quite messed up, and this assessment thing, and twisted it to the worse end. I am more messed up now.

    Wednesday (6 July 2005)
    0800 hr...

    Oh, before I go on any further.. Happy Birthday Yin! (It's a day later when I write this entry.. but still.. Happy Birthday!) I sent a text message to you, did you get that? Anyways, at this hour, I was in the taxi on my way to Cyberjaya for the assesment test. Yes, the location is at Cyberjaya. Don't really like that place, it's like a modern desert! Living hell for me.. It has almost NOTHING there!

    0845 hr...

    Arrival at the scene. Time stated on the information given was at 9pm (sharp). So, I thought I'd better reach there earlier than later, and not screw up any impression that I have. Somehow, this whole assessment thing, still could not avoid the effect of one of the most influential 'Malaysian culture' -- candidates arriving after 9am, and even the person in charged greeted us around 0920.. That's so not cool! Half an hour wasted!

    0924 hr...

    Company tour: I'm totally impressed with the environment and the facilities. The place is sooo cool! Really impressive. I just can't put them in words here, and too bad I was not allowed to take any photos of it there. Just too bad. You should see it to feel it! The company policies aren't bad as well. Pretty good prospect.

    minutes around 1000 hr...

    Arrival at the training rooms: This is where we had our assessment tests. The moment I sat down, my head and eyes could not help turning leftwards, where a gorgeous lady was sitting. She's a white, she's just simple gorgeous. Hehe. Well, I don't know if they put this lady from HR department to distract candidates during tests. (I had my head turning several times, and my focus distracted during the listening comprehension part! Ouch!)

    There were 3 parts for the test - EPT, APT and Written Test.. (sounds very much like an English paper huh?)

    And it is English paper. EPT - English Language Proficiency Test, is where they test your English, reading and listening comprehension. I'll just skip this part, it was nothing much to mention about.

    Here comes the APT - Aptitude Test (or some sort). This is where we were tested on Vocab, IQ, Calculation and Vocab again.. (Synnonyms). This hurt me a lot! I had been weak in Vocab all these while, and this paper had really some tough ones for me. and I was only given 4 minutes to do 12 questions. That was short! Same goes for IQ test. It took me a while to figure out the pattern, but it was a lil bit too late, only managed to answer 2 or 3 out of 12 questions. (4 minutes!!)

    Calculation Part was my best bet. completed 12/18 in 5 mins and 30 secs..! 5 mins! Hell short!
    Lastly, test on words again! We were required to do the exercise on Synnonyms! As usual, Tough.. and within 4 mins. I doubt anyone could complete everything in the time given..! Brain was so stressed out after that paper. Gosh...!

    Writen Test - this is where you do the writing, answering what's given to you, in written form. Here, I was asked to take a Mandarin version. (I was asked if I could speak and write in Mandarin or not prior the test) And gosh, I did not prepare for this! Never I have expected that I would need to do mandarin test! Anyways.. Everything finshed off by 1pm.

    1300 hr...

    All candidates left the hall, heading towards lobby. We were told that results would be known within a week's time.. So, I left and waited for transport to head back to the city..

    4-5 hours later...

    Received a call from them...
    "May I speak to Allen please?"
    "Yes, speaking."
    "Hi, I'm calling from the HR Department. We would like to inform you that the assessment test was a success."
    "What? That was fast?""blah blah blah ( just wanna jump into the main point)... We would like to arrange a time with you for your final interview. Would it be okay for your if it's 6.30pm tomorrow?.."
    And so, I had to make another arrangement and adjust ment again.. This is so unexpected! I took leave one day, and will need to take another (partial leave, not even a half day.. I'm still in office now! 2.45pm now!) Will need to head to Cyberjaya again..

    Thursday (7 July 2005)
    1445 hr...

    Typing entry for the blog offline. My boss unplug my cable cos a customer needs it on his laptop. Hmm.. So, might not be able to post this blog on time. Will be going of around 3.30pm later..
    So, more to come later..

    [... to be continued]

    Monday, July 04, 2005

    Photo Journal

    The photos will tell the story..
    Maxis 3G @ KL Convention Centre: Revisited (Day 2)

    Warning: Beyond this point, there wil be strictly no words for description or caption. Proceed with your own risk.


    Saturday, July 02, 2005

    A Day Out

    I was given a task by my boss today. I would say it is a notable task since my arrival on 1st June 2005. I was assigned to design a web page. The web page is for an online bookstore, which are going to have this Harry Potter booksale, and preorder for the latest book. I have no say in designing things, but I must say I am having problem with this one.

    ( My Tasks! )

    First, it's Harry Potter.. Harry Who? Harry Porter!! I am not a fan of Harry. I don't really know much bout this Harry dude. That, is not much of a problem. Secondly, I need to do it in Chinese. I don't know what are most of the terms to be used in the web page. It is different, as it is not what we use to communicate everyday! It's Internet language in Chinese. Gosh... Nevermind, I guess I can have that figured out pretty soon. I just need some inspiration.. yeah..

    I N S P I R A T I O N..

    ( Zoom: a different view at the twin towers. If you can see closely, it's taken on rainy day. Rain is visible in my original file. Not sure bout here. )

    ( shower of rain blurred the visions on Twin Towers )

    I had a day out today with my buddy. We went to KLCC, to catch movie and such. Maxis had launched its 3G service yesterday (1st July 2005) at KL Convention Center. They are also having 2 days exhibition on the same venue for the two following days, 2nd and 3rd of July. We have been observing the war of telcos for quite a while now. Back then, they were battling with their prepaid plans and call rates. Celcom, Maxis and Digi were all throwing what they can to win the war. When they were done with the prepaid plan, comes the postpaid plan. Now that the juice is running dry on postpaid plan, 3G service is the new weapon to be drawn out. Celcom had launched 3G service earlier last month, becoming the first telco company to launch 3G in Malaysia. Maxis answered that call by launching their own 3G service yesterday, with an appalling rate for their subscribers, a very, very affordable rate for the entry-level subscribers. Everyone can afford the call rate. It's the same as what you have for the voice calls. I could not have further piece information on the call rates, they had not got broucheres for me. For more information, you can log onto Maxis' official site to check the rates out. (

    ( Entrance to the tunnel that links KLCC to another KLCC -- KL Convention Centre )

    ( Maxis 3G exhibitions )

    People in KL is so crazed with the movie Initial D. The tickets for the rest of the day were officially sold out at about 1.30pm today! How is that? I guess one of the reason is that TGV holds the sole distributor right (or whatever right that is..) for the movie. GSC has not got the right to play that movie on big screen, but I have also heard that GSC had already sealed the purchase of the movie right not long ago. They are expected to be showing the movie on big screen much later. All these are just speculations I have heard of, I have not read bout it on a solid, physical evidence.

    Hmm.. I am thinking of writing a review on the movie.. Shall I? Maybe will write in separate entry.

    ( People in queue for movie tickets, you should see the queue 20 mins after this.. but too bad I didn't snap that. I was in queue for some other thing.. )

    After KLCC...

    My friend and I went off to Wangsamaju to have dinner. There.. it is a paradise for us. For that, the rental is cheap if compared with the amount we are paying right now. And, the choices on food doubles.. or maybe triples than what we have over here in our current place. Most importantly, the food is cheap! We ordered one plate of 'ban mian' - noodle, and a cup of iced Chinese Tea. We were at shock when we paid for it. It's been a while since I last saw a cup of iced Chinese Tea at 30 cents only! The last one I remembered would be while I was still in Malacca. I have not yet seen any in KL with 30 cents only! And, the noodle we ordered, at RM 3.50, the amount we had was like more than what we have in the usual servings! We felt blessed. I wished I could have snapped the photos of the food we had, but too bad, my batt was dead. No photos..

    The journey back for us is the tiring part. From Wangsamaju, it will take about 40 minutes or so for us to reach our respective stations by LRT. One thing you hate about KL is.. to be in the LRT train, being cramped as if you're in a sardine can. It's always like that when the clock hits 6pm or so. That's when people start going home from work or school. Sometimes you can't even breathe or move an inch! Crap. I had to stand all the way from Wangsamaju - Kelanajaya! (basically it's from one end to another)

    Time to get back to my work. I have until Wednesday to finish my task off..

    Thursday, June 30, 2005

    Month 1: June 05

    I can't believe that I have been here for a little bit more than a month already! Hmm.. To be exact, I have been here for 33 days! (Since 28th May 2005) Gosh.. Unbelievable. Well, I would say first month in a new place is always tough. Settling in a new place, adjusting your life from the old one, coping with new things.. everything comes into the equation of money! Every cent counts! First month here is all experimental. And, the experiment has failed. I have spent a lot! Gosh... But a lot of them had came unexpectedly. For instance, I had to spent RM100 to revive my Canon A70. I felt ripped off by the call rate of the prepaid plan. I FEEL the effects of it now. Spent another RM 100 on deposit for Maxis postpaid plan. I hope for a better month in July.

    It's 30 June today. Not a bad day for me. Not at all. Firstly, I had recieved my first pay check today! (Well, it isn't exactly a cheque.. I was paid in cash terms.) Though the pay wasn't much, but the excitement and the anxiety was there. I felt so excited. I could not hold it much longer, I called several close friends and shared my feelings. I called my parents too. (Gosh.. I sound like a kid now.)

    My supervisor in the company is having his last day with us today. I'll be having new supervisort tomorrow. He's leaving for other job. So, we had a farewell dinner with him. We went to this Korean BBQ, it's called... Seoul Bxxxx (argh.. can't remember the name.) It was like a steamboat restaurant. You eat all you want. You fry, you have soup. I filled my capacity to the max, and which I much regretted later. I ate like I had not been eaten for days! LoL! Now I'm feeling the after effect. Well, here I wish my departing supervisor all the best in future. Oh.. I get to test MyVi's performance today. I was in my colleague's all new Perodua Myvi. By far, I think it's the best and nicest looking car to steal.. hehe.. It was so spacious! Love it!

    One month down. Three more to go! After that, I'll be into the REAL thing! Here I come charging! (I'm still hyped!)

    ( inside Perodua Myvi: check out the panels! cool looking! the meters at the dash board looks even cooler! the car is spacious. just love it! )

    ( the 4 pictures aren't same photos being posted 4 times, it's 4 different shots I tried to get hold of it while i was in the Myvi. hard to get a satisfying shot at first attempt. )

    ( shot this out of boredom.. while in Myvi )

    ( arrived we have in the Korean BBQ. can't remember the name... only know it has a Soeul in it. it's around Kerinchi area, ground floor of Wisma Gosen, i think )

    ( please wait while food's being cooked... )

    ( we're eating all we can eat now.. Round 1, 2, 3 ... n )

    ( how the brand new Perodua Myvi looks like from outside.. very slick eh? i may have one back home next month. hopefully i can be behind the wheels when i return next month... JULY! )

    Wednesday, June 29, 2005

    NBA Draft Day

    Every year at this time, NBA will have a draft day for all NBA teams to pick the young stars they feel right from the the Colleges, Universities or even High Schools. International or Foreign players have also been actively involved in trying their luck in most lucrative basketball game in the world the NBA (National Basketball Association). Over the years we have seen the emergance of international stars like Yao Ming of China, Dirk Nowitzki of Germany, Tony Parker of France, Steve Nash of Canada and etc. since the days of Toni Kukoc of Croatia, and Luc Longley of Australia, where foreign or international stars play second fiddle to the Americans. They did not have chance to shine at best. Toni Kukoc and Luc Longley may be the best shot they had back then, winning championship rings with the Chicago Bulls during the Bulls Dynasty in the 90s. Other than that, I would believe Vlade Divac would be an icon to his fellow European players for his success with the Lakers, and Kings.

    The last of few years have seen the international players flooding into NBA from all over the contigences, Europe, Asia, Africa. Peja Stojakovic of the Serbia & Montenegro is a star in Sacromento Kings, known for his deadly sharp perimeter shooting. He has risen to the stardom from a role player to a star player. He started his rookie season as a bench player, after being picked by Sacromento Kings at 14th pick overall.

    Another European star worth mentioning is Dirk Nowitzki. The player from Germany was picked at 9th overall in 1998, struggled with his game in America, averaging below 10 points per game (ppg). Second season saw improvement in his scoring, but just with a decent 17.5ppg. However, his hardwork paid off well. The following season saw him shooting right to the stardom, and he emerged as the game's brightest young star with his all around game. With his stature at 7 feet, only a handful players can match his quickness. His ability to shoot from outside explains why defenders should be wary when he has the ball.

    3 years ago, in 2002, Yao Ming brought roar to the world after being picked as the 1st choice overall by Houston Rockets. He also became the first international/foreign player to be picked as 1st pick. However, he is not the first player from China to enter the game. Wang ZhiZhi preceeded him 2 years earlier, when he played his debut season with the Dallas Maverick after being selected in a draft pick. Another player from China, Mongolian Mengke Batteer also played the game though he was never picked by any franchise. Today, Yao Ming is one of the fan's favourite in both America and Asia. He's a darling to the world.

    High school phenomenon Lebron James was the first pick in 2003. He was seen as the successor of the legendary Michael Jordan. With the same jersey number worn, it is difficult not to compare him to the One. He is no doubt influencial to his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, he's still young, only 21 this year, he's already at the top of the world, and still improving. Many to expect from this great kid.

    Enough said of the past pick, it is the 2005 edition of Draft pick today (28th June 2005 in US). Milwaukee had won a lottery pick to steal the No.1 pick from Atlanta, whom finished with the league worst record last season. This years favourite to land on as No.1 pick is Australian Andrew Bogut, who plays his collegiate carreer for Utah. Without any surprise, Milwaukee Bucks got their man - Andrew Bogut. Atlanta Hawks got a Tar Heel with their No.2 pick - Marvin Williams from North Carolina. North Carolina is a university with rich basketball tradition. Many legends were born there, including Michael Jordan. Over the years North Carolina has produced many stars to NBA, such as Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins and etc. This year, they had 4 Tar Heels at the top 14 picks.

    I have not got much information on the players in the draft this year, as I have not been able to follow up the game for years already. We shall see how these crop of young stars develop throughout the game next season. Last season, we have seen exciting display among the rookies. Ben Gordon was my favourite to land the Rookie of the Year award. I thought he deserved more than Emeke Okafor, comparing what he has done to his team. His impact was just as influencial as Okafor's, if not better. It was a shame not to see him to land both Rookie of the Year and the Sixth Man award. Anyways, I would congratulate Okafor with his success. Nevertheless, he too worked hard in his rookie season with the new expansion team Charlotte Bobcats.

    San Antonio Spurs have just won their third title after dethroning the Detriot Pistons in 7 games last weekend. Chicago Bulls showed promising signs after their Dynasty in the 90s. Phoenix Suns brought excitement back to the game with their Run and Gun style. Steve Nash the MVP, and the return of Zen Master Phil Jackson to the LA Lakers.

    I guess, with all that. It will be another season we should look forward to next year.

    Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    End of a Saga; Beginning of Another

    Long gone was the five years duration I had spent in the historical place of Malacca, a place where I called home second only to my place of origin. Gone were the memories I have had, for the bitter ones or the sweet ones. Fellowships were formed and separated, friendships had been put to tests, only several survived. I have seen people coming in and leaving for many years. It felt odd to know that you are leaving a comfort zone, heading towards an unknown adventure. Challenging, but insecure. Exciting, but risky...

    I have been away from home since year 2000, 5 long years. It's the 6th year I have been away now, yet I still can't return as I am leaving the comfort zone as a student, heading to get a taste of the 'real' world as a man. Although I get to go back occasionally to my homestate, I have not been feeling 'home' for years by now. I cannot remember how it is like to have a life at home, I cannot recall how it feels like to spend my birthday at home, I cannot remember being busy at home, I cannot know how it's like to wake up every morning, and start a day's life with everyone else. I just cannot remember. I am virtually a stranger back in my homeland now. At this point, I am a stranger in another place, my new place, my current place -- PJ. I hope my return to homeland for good is near, I hope that the day would come soon, but, deep down, I know the time is not right yet. I have lots to do before I can return. I have lots to learn. I have lots to alter, to correct. I have dreams I would wanna chase, I have dreams I wanna realise. I have a destiny to fulfill.

    Too often I have tasted failure in my life. But then, who had not failed before? Once, someone said, one is not considered successful unless he fails at least once in his life. Failure is nothing. Fear not to fail. We all fail and fall. The most important thing about failing or falling, is that we must learn and know how to pick ourselves up and walk again. We need to learn from our mistake, our fall. I believe that I am doing everyone of those at my very best.

    ( a sequence of photo captured when I was in Sunway Pyramid. a participant danced gracefully to the crowd before she slipped and fell. nevertheless, she picked herself up and finished her routine later. )