Tuesday, June 28, 2005

End of a Saga; Beginning of Another

Long gone was the five years duration I had spent in the historical place of Malacca, a place where I called home second only to my place of origin. Gone were the memories I have had, for the bitter ones or the sweet ones. Fellowships were formed and separated, friendships had been put to tests, only several survived. I have seen people coming in and leaving for many years. It felt odd to know that you are leaving a comfort zone, heading towards an unknown adventure. Challenging, but insecure. Exciting, but risky...

I have been away from home since year 2000, 5 long years. It's the 6th year I have been away now, yet I still can't return as I am leaving the comfort zone as a student, heading to get a taste of the 'real' world as a man. Although I get to go back occasionally to my homestate, I have not been feeling 'home' for years by now. I cannot remember how it is like to have a life at home, I cannot recall how it feels like to spend my birthday at home, I cannot remember being busy at home, I cannot know how it's like to wake up every morning, and start a day's life with everyone else. I just cannot remember. I am virtually a stranger back in my homeland now. At this point, I am a stranger in another place, my new place, my current place -- PJ. I hope my return to homeland for good is near, I hope that the day would come soon, but, deep down, I know the time is not right yet. I have lots to do before I can return. I have lots to learn. I have lots to alter, to correct. I have dreams I would wanna chase, I have dreams I wanna realise. I have a destiny to fulfill.

Too often I have tasted failure in my life. But then, who had not failed before? Once, someone said, one is not considered successful unless he fails at least once in his life. Failure is nothing. Fear not to fail. We all fail and fall. The most important thing about failing or falling, is that we must learn and know how to pick ourselves up and walk again. We need to learn from our mistake, our fall. I believe that I am doing everyone of those at my very best.

( a sequence of photo captured when I was in Sunway Pyramid. a participant danced gracefully to the crowd before she slipped and fell. nevertheless, she picked herself up and finished her routine later. )

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