Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chapter 1 - Prelude

It has been long since I wanted to jot all these down. It may not be a story of great success, it is not even close. However, it is a true story illustrated as detailed as possible. It reflects as human as it could be, as real as it can possibly be.

It all began when two couple met some twnety-odd years ago. They were in love, and tied knot as husband and wife. Just a year after their marriage, a child was born. The tale to be told next will be centered around this young baby.

They may not make a well off family, there was no luxurious house, there wasn't any nice car for this family to ride on. The husband worked as a driver in the transport division for a government organization, while the wife was a full-time housewife. Rented house, motorbike, simple meal and simple life were all enough for this little family. Simple enough, parenthood was taken seriously by the couple in raising the baby. He was well brought up, with proper manner. He was trained well before being sent for formal education as well. At home, he had learnt how to draw, color, read, write before even making a step into a classroom.

The effort was really great for this pair of first-time-parents. The baby grew up well, and was well-groomed into a fine, and bright kid. And the story took flight from here on...

The place was set in East of Malaysia...