Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'll be away from Kuching from 29/03/2007 to 02/04/2007.

I'm off to City of Miri.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bridal fair @ old court house, kuching

" New feature: Recently, I made a new acquaintance. This acquaintance has quite some thoughts to share, and I thought it will do us all good, cos it can be really inspiring to many of us. So, officially, I'm introducing this new acquaintance as St. Oldie. St Oldie will be a regular feature in a2blog. "

It's been a while since I last blogged. And, I have been updating a lot on the wedding. So, for a change, we're taking a break from the wedding.

We're turning our attention to the Bridal Fair held recently at the Old Court House in Kuching. It was a three-day-event.

I was informed that they'll line up fashion walk 7pm each of the three days. Hence, I checked in there the first thing I got off from off from office.

The stage was set.

The runway.

Pre-show entertainment.

A glimpse of behind-the-scene.

They kick start the fashion walk with Malay's traditional wedding costumes. Initially, I had no qualms on that. But, I was rather disappointed as the show progressed.

Apparently, those 'models' aren't quite qualified models to me. I think they're only part-timer, and had considerably little experience in running the show. The models aside, the one who prepares for the background music for the show, obviously had no experience in such event. The background music played had gap/interval between tracks. That, made it as though the music wasn't looping, because there' no overlapping between two tracks.

So there was obvious pause in between two different tracks.

Audience could have easily mistook the pause as a sign of end-of-show. Critical error. The host/emcee for the show, was pretty bad as well. She narrated the walk with Malay language only. There was no English translation, leaving the ang-mo (foreign) tourists wondering what she's explaining. *blur blur*. And, when I mean being inexperienced, the emcee was really not at the top standard at all.

Entrance with a bang.

Does anyone know what you call this costume?

One of the Multi-Colors of Malaysia.

I didn't shot much in this one. I left a short while letter, didn't stay through the 'show'. Went around to see the exhibition instead. I didn't take any photos with my camera. Not much to show.

I bumped into Panda in the Bridal Fair. Went off with them soon after that.

The coordinator.

I guess I owe Panda a thank-you, huh?

Thanks. Hehe.

More to come, when I return.

" End Note: I'm leaving for Miri on 29 March 2007 (Thursday), and will be returning on 2nd April 2007 (Monday). Anyone willing to bring me around? =P "

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

back but busy

" Short Note: Now that I'm back, I'll be introducing new feature to a2blog. It will feature in my next post. "

a2blog is back. Thank you all for your concern after reading the mini-hiatus entry. I'm back now. a2blog posting will resume as usual.

But, not that soon.

My schedule is not filled up by my primary-line job. I'm due to travel to Miri *for work related trip sometime next week. Will be there for few days, probably for a week. What are the attractions in Miri?

Well, till then, people in Miri, I'm coming over!

" End Note: Should I bring my DSLR over? Should I not? "

Monday, March 12, 2007

mini hiatus

Please do pardon me from blogsphere for a short period of time. Something happened, and it disrupted my mood to update anything at all. a2blog will return as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting.

My home, My paradise.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the wedding: Steven & Helen

The obstacle.

Focus, think...

Which one is it?

Too tough eh? You ain't no tough boy, are you?


As he looks on..

The 'brothers' (兄弟)

A sneak preview..

More loving moments from 6 February 2007...
We'll be right back. =)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

the wedding: Steven & Helen

" Short Note: I am getting sick of my current CRT monitor, it's going hay-wired. I'm looking into possibilities of bringing in a new asset to the family here. Hopefully, that will increase my productivity as well. "

The bride, bridesmaid and the jie-mei's (姐妹).

The 'sisters'.

The girl-dSLR (Nikon D40) user.

The preparation.

The bridesmaid and her hitmen.


The ambush.

Coming through...

The Troop of the Groom.

Storming in for the bride.

More update to come. Thanks for keeping close with the updates.

" End Note: I know I haven't been updating a lot lately. Please bare with my inactivity for the recent weeks. I've been juggling between my job, and the photographs. I shot all the photos in RAW, hence I needed a lot of time to do the post-processing, as well as the filtering. Some more, it was Chinese New Year week for the past week. I am not gonna spend my Chinese New Year sitting in front of my PC, doing the photo processing as well as updating blog only right? Update shall resume its frequency right after this (barring any sudden call up for travelling). "