Wednesday, March 21, 2007

back but busy

" Short Note: Now that I'm back, I'll be introducing new feature to a2blog. It will feature in my next post. "

a2blog is back. Thank you all for your concern after reading the mini-hiatus entry. I'm back now. a2blog posting will resume as usual.

But, not that soon.

My schedule is not filled up by my primary-line job. I'm due to travel to Miri *for work related trip sometime next week. Will be there for few days, probably for a week. What are the attractions in Miri?

Well, till then, people in Miri, I'm coming over!

" End Note: Should I bring my DSLR over? Should I not? "


robin said...

yes, u MUST bring ur DSLR... no excuse...

thwen said...

Hey Allen!

You're actually thinking whether to bring your DSLR?! Heh, you don't have to think so much! What's the point of having a DSLR if you don't use it? Bring it there. Take good pictures. And share them with us.

Cheers, Hui Wen

helen said...

erm...u dont need to ask that question lar..anyone who knows you well know that u for 200% sure u gonna bring it over! ^^

Jimmy CHAI said...

hmm, the last my friends and i been to miri was i994, do you want info 13 yrs ago? hehe.

But since you mention about miri, there were fond memories=) it was a competition, we got the 4th throughout sarawak, i personally got perfect score, first one to complete the route, but it was team-work.

And never again i went there, and few months later i met you and others in kuching, transferring to "rock school", batu! ai...>_<

allen said...

Robin, Hui Wen & Helen yeah.. i guess i'll be bringing. Hehe..

Jimmy nostalgic huh? =)