Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bridal fair @ old court house, kuching

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It's been a while since I last blogged. And, I have been updating a lot on the wedding. So, for a change, we're taking a break from the wedding.

We're turning our attention to the Bridal Fair held recently at the Old Court House in Kuching. It was a three-day-event.

I was informed that they'll line up fashion walk 7pm each of the three days. Hence, I checked in there the first thing I got off from off from office.

The stage was set.

The runway.

Pre-show entertainment.

A glimpse of behind-the-scene.

They kick start the fashion walk with Malay's traditional wedding costumes. Initially, I had no qualms on that. But, I was rather disappointed as the show progressed.

Apparently, those 'models' aren't quite qualified models to me. I think they're only part-timer, and had considerably little experience in running the show. The models aside, the one who prepares for the background music for the show, obviously had no experience in such event. The background music played had gap/interval between tracks. That, made it as though the music wasn't looping, because there' no overlapping between two tracks.

So there was obvious pause in between two different tracks.

Audience could have easily mistook the pause as a sign of end-of-show. Critical error. The host/emcee for the show, was pretty bad as well. She narrated the walk with Malay language only. There was no English translation, leaving the ang-mo (foreign) tourists wondering what she's explaining. *blur blur*. And, when I mean being inexperienced, the emcee was really not at the top standard at all.

Entrance with a bang.

Does anyone know what you call this costume?

One of the Multi-Colors of Malaysia.

I didn't shot much in this one. I left a short while letter, didn't stay through the 'show'. Went around to see the exhibition instead. I didn't take any photos with my camera. Not much to show.

I bumped into Panda in the Bridal Fair. Went off with them soon after that.

The coordinator.

I guess I owe Panda a thank-you, huh?

Thanks. Hehe.

More to come, when I return.

" End Note: I'm leaving for Miri on 29 March 2007 (Thursday), and will be returning on 2nd April 2007 (Monday). Anyone willing to bring me around? =P "


thwen said...

Isn't that embarrassing? I hate emcees who can't do their job well. I also hate emcees you can't pronounce well.

Anyway. Your pictures are delightful, but it would have been better if you made them bigger (for more viewing pleasure). Just my two cents.

Take care, unker.

robin said...

Well, talking about embarassing MCs... there was this cultural dance event organized by malaysian tourism in my uni here in perth....
and the MC cant even speak english that well.... and the sentences... goodness... I think I would do better when I was in primary 4.
Seriously.. so many people.. why choose this kind of people to represent malaysia for that event???????
Anyway.. the bridal fair thing looks really cool despite the poor organizing and stuff, ahahahaaa

Anonymous said...

aiye wat u doin at bridal fair? heh
ur turn soon ah?


allen said...

hui wen thanks. it used to have click and larger version pop up thingy. but with the new blogger, i don't know how to code it that way. one can help? if not, just open it in other window for the larger size.

robin thanks. yeah.. poor organizing. =P

chrissiee my turn long time more to go le. =P waiting for yours first.. when is yours?