Sunday, March 04, 2007

the wedding: Steven & Helen

" Short Note: I am getting sick of my current CRT monitor, it's going hay-wired. I'm looking into possibilities of bringing in a new asset to the family here. Hopefully, that will increase my productivity as well. "

The bride, bridesmaid and the jie-mei's (姐妹).

The 'sisters'.

The girl-dSLR (Nikon D40) user.

The preparation.

The bridesmaid and her hitmen.


The ambush.

Coming through...

The Troop of the Groom.

Storming in for the bride.

More update to come. Thanks for keeping close with the updates.

" End Note: I know I haven't been updating a lot lately. Please bare with my inactivity for the recent weeks. I've been juggling between my job, and the photographs. I shot all the photos in RAW, hence I needed a lot of time to do the post-processing, as well as the filtering. Some more, it was Chinese New Year week for the past week. I am not gonna spend my Chinese New Year sitting in front of my PC, doing the photo processing as well as updating blog only right? Update shall resume its frequency right after this (barring any sudden call up for travelling). "


Soon Hui said...

My Allen, thanks for uploading the photos, unfortunately you are not in the pics? Why this is so?

louis said...

hehe... allen holding camera.

allen said...

soon hui as simple as what louis had said. i was holding the camera. how can i be two place at a time?

wen said...


thwen said...

You can be in the photo while holding the cam! Just take a picture of your reflection in the mirror, haha!

P.S. Which Canon DSLR are you using?

allen said...

hui wen hehe.. even if i do shoot myself. i don't think i'd post it here. hehe.. =P it's my blogging style. =P hahaha.. but may change in future? =P if i get to have 'casino royale' body =P

i'm using Canon 350D

allen said...

wen why the evil laff? =P

Soon Hui said...

oh silly me, no one can be at two different places at the same time.

But wait, I thought Allen is different? There is no place Allen can't go, so Allen should be able to appear in two places at a time right?

Pazuzu said...

hhmm.. who's tat D40 user?
intro liao .. hehehe

then we can go outing wif her oso next time .. hehe