Friday, August 26, 2005


Clock's showing exactly 10 minutes to 6p.m., I'll be gone off from the office when the minute-hand strikes the number 12. It's been an unproductive day for me. Not sure what I should blame to, but it just happens to be unproductive.

I spent the morning chatting away. Chat topic surrounds job and money. Clearly, that has been my main concern of late. It's really bothering me a lot, facing prospect without having a proper job when the industrial training expires is just unthinkable. Money is essential to survive in this city. Money is what I need to get before I make any other move. Yet, I have failed to secure an employement for myself. What has possiby gone wrong? Although I have other backup plan, but I would really wish that this matter can be resolved within this month.

Decision has been made, I was, and still am determined, to stay in pennisular for the duration I have initially planned. And, I will stick to the decision I have made. Having known the situation I am in, someone just can't stop telling me how other fresh grads are making better pay than he is right now. I am okay to be the listener and share. But I was okay until he just couldn't stop and went over the limit. As if he is taking me as a victim of his evil plan, putting me in more misery than I have had, just to ease his own problem. Man, I know my shit situation better than anyone out there; thus, I know what my priority should be. Time's ticking. I am playing a very dangerous game here.

So please, as low as your pay may be, as long as you have enough to keep you survive at this point, be GRATEFUL! Survive first and strike later! You can't do much if you don't survive at all. You're given no chance if you fail to survive! Now I am paving my way to survival, not knowing if I am able to make it to the survival shore or not. At least you're surviving, and you get to have a chance to strike back.

It's been 15 minutes since I first started with this entry. Signing off now...

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