Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Priceless Joy

One boy came home smiling last night.
One boy came home in the train smiling last night.
He just couldn't stop the happiness flowing out from his heart.
A sense of delight filled the boy's emotion.
He is almost floating to the sky, though he is firmly seated on the chair.
This new found joy for this boy, has been difficult to be expressed, hard to be explained.

Maybe these are the reasons...

The smile on her face.. priceless.
The excited look on her face.. priceless.
The joy that burst out from the inner her.. priceless.
The moment the boy gets to see all these first hand.. most priceless!

The Priceless Reasons..

Happy Birthday, girl! Glad that you enjoyed yourself. ^_^


Interactivi-T said...

Somehow this 'the boy' shows certain similarities to the writing style of tsingchie ( on his bio-narration: About This Boy.

a2blog said...


This boy and the boy found in that blog has now what-so-ever relation or connection. The style is just coincidentally similar.

Hehe.. The idea just hit me ma.. Afterall, we came from same english tuition centre once, ain't that right?


enleaver said...

very nice post! :)

congratulations. so what happened? you guys an item now?