Friday, October 07, 2005

A Quick Update

I have been busy for the past week. Shifted place, went down to Malacca, rushed back, busy with work (training), and I have not got Internet access at my place. But, everything is settling down slowly. Just because of no internet access, the prof. is unable to share stuff in a²blog. Too bad. It's been a quiet place here.

My Canon A70 is down again, sent it for servicing yet again. If it costs me money to repair again, I would abandon the attempt to revive her. Sigh. She's been with me for 2 years, but dying, I guess it's due to my excessive usage. Hehe. Should my A70 goes down, I'll be aiming for Canon 350D, as well as another Powershot product. The latter one comes into the frame much later. 350D has higher priority. My 128MB SanDisk CF went down as well. The data corrupted mysteriously. However, thank goodness I was able get a replacement with nothing charged. The replacement is a 128MB CF of other brand, can't remember the name though.

It's October and Fasting Month for the Muslims. Hmm.. I miss home (but this has nothing to do with the Raya or Muslim's festive holiday).

Till next time, signing off.

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