Friday, July 08, 2005

London Terror

The world is saddened by yet another terror attack. This time London. The series of bomb attacks, first explosions was recorded at 8.51am (London time), ripped through central London. Just 24 hours after winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic games, joy was soon over, andit was marred by this dark moment of terror attack.

Four explosions occurred during morning rush hour in central London. The hit places were the public transport network in London. So far, the reported number of casualties hit 37 dead and more than 700 injured. The attack brought grieves throughout the world.

I was really glad that my friend in UK is safe and sound. She's in Birmingham. She told me that she planned to travel to London, but had overslept and missed the bus. I really thank God for that. Who knows what might happen if she had gotten onto the bus!

I am really saddened by this, can't write too much on this entry now. Let's mourn for the dead, and pray for the world peace. May God bless all the souls!

Please stop world terror... and welcome world peace...


Mel said...

Pretty sad isnt it .. My Uni is still tracking 15 of their staff in London to confirm that they are safe and unharmed.

enleaver said...

hmmm... the last line of your are starting to sound like a beauty queen waving her little hand while saying the thing she'd wish for in the world is world peace. hehehe