Sunday, October 01, 2006

05.2000 ~ 01.10.2006

It's coming to an end now. My life in the West of Malaysia will end after I board the plane tomorrow morning, 2 October 2006. The departure time is scheduled at 1145 hour.

As after this entry, a2blog will go into a hiatus status until further notice. The reason being is I have not got broadband connection back in Kuching. I will apply that a.s.a.p. What is life without Internet after having it integrated into my life for the past half-a-decade.

I made a wish list in my previous post, hoping I can cover all mentioned before I leave. Unfortunately, none of those materialized. I had underestimated my packing, which took too much of my time from me.

Oh well, I can always fly over with AirAsia for the weekend, whenever they have promotional offer. Or, I could even write to Datuk Tony Fernandez, to propose a deal with him, so that I can fly over here more frequent to cover all tourism spot possible. Reason of choice: Only b'cos they can offer price as low as RM9.90 per trip to selected locations.

Here, I wish to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all my friends and ex-colleagues, who were generous enough to spend me farewell meal and gifts. It was a nice gesture from y'all. Thank you!

That will be all for now, trying to keep this post from being too wordy and lengthy. Keep visiting my blog in future, expect more to come! (As soon as I get the Internet back)

"Keep in touch, people from West!
And Kuching, I'm coming home!
Prepare for the return of the King.. I mean Allen!"

Photo of the Day:

p/s: There is not much of relevant phtos I can upload here. Pardon me for that. Nevertheless, I shall try to upload few more in both my deviantART and flickr before I disconnects my machine later. Click to find out later.

" Life in West Malaysia (mid-May 2000 ~ 01 October 2006):
Malacca (mid-May 2000 ~ 15 May 2005)
Kuala Lumpur (29 May 2005 ~ 01 October 2006) "

Country Roads by John Denver
Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver

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Interactivi-T said...

It all comes to such an end. Sad to know that you are leaving for The East. Glad in the other way that you finally managed to get back to The East. Easterns like me will cherish that. My time will come...not now...perhaps one prophecized that the day will come...when the Easterners will return to their MotherLand. :)