Friday, September 29, 2006


A short announcement.

I have signed up a deviantART account, as well as flickr account for myself. I shall share most of my work there from now onwards, rather than clogging up bandwidth in blogspot.

Click here for my deviantART, and here for my flickr.

Be sure bookmark it and visit as you please. Enjoy!

" End note: I have not got much time to decorate both accounts, nor I have uploaded much photographs there, as I am preparing to fly back to Kuching. I'm leaving on a jet plane in 2 days' time. "


Anonymous said...

heyy! :D you FINALLY got a DeviantArt account!! I've added you on my watch. (tequila13)

have a safe flight home (:

a2blog said...

yeah! Finally mel!
i've added you too!


i'll be 'missing' from this space for a while. hope to be back soon.

cya all!