Sunday, September 24, 2006

i'm unemployed now, please hire me

I'm now officially unemployed, as I had parted company with my employer last Friday.

I have a week of 'holiday' before returning to homeland. And that means I shall have quite some time to tour around K.L. a little bit. I have visited Aquaria a couple weeks back, so that's one place off already. I took quite some shots over there, but they're not quite ready just yet. Hopefully, they can be uploaded before I depart.

Here are the revised wish list on places to visit/things to do before departing:

  1. Aquaria

  2. KL Tower

  3. National Zoo

  4. Genting Highland

  5. To walk through the heritage trails in Kuala Lumpur

Let's just see how things go next week. I'm ONE week away from home.

Photo of the Day:

" Photo note: One way - as I am making a one way journey to Borneo. This photo is irrelative to the content of this post. I just thought of putting some images so that it won't look that dull. "

" End note: There hasn't been any interview calls from Kuching since the past month. Now, companies in Kuching, would you please hire me? I am a Kuching lad, now returning to homeland. I ain't based in KL anymore.. "


hafiz said...

dude, when to yamcha weiii? dont go without treating me to something aaa :D

babyphoenix said...

take lots of pics..wanna seeeeee.......

a2blog said...

dude... how to yam cha la.. u puasa already.. :P

amy: dont think i can make it to those listed loh.. :( not all..

13th Panda said...

hey, u didn't state wat type of job u r looking for ler..

a2blog said...

13 panda: any job la actually.. haha.. im an IT grad.. not necessary scoping down to IT job oso.. :P