Friday, May 09, 2008

my new kicks

Early this month, I bought me a pair of new kicks from the Lea Center's clearances sales. All products were offered at 50% discount storewide.

Since my Nike was showing signs of giving up on me already, I thought it was a good time to get myself a new pair. I love my Nike. It serves me well, for more than three years. The condition is still okay, just that the grip, or aka brake, is wearing out.

I was so into basketball shoes when I was much younger, but now, I just simply get a good pair, good enough for me to enjoy my weekly dose of basketball. I don't even what model I bought.

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All I know it's a adidas. After discount, this pair cost me about MYR 184.95. Normal price would be at MYR 369.90.

I wore this to basketball last Monday, it's a bit tight at the mid-sole area. Other than that it was just fine. The shoes were the same size as my previous shoes. So, there wasn't much problem when I tried it out at the store. I only felt the tightness after some running on the court. I almost got myself blisters on my right foot after the game.

It'll be Monday again soon, and that means ball time!


AhPauL said...

cool... got new shoes... ^^

allen said...

yup! :D new shoes! Game on!

ahlost said...

Yerr !!!

I wanted to buy Nike shoes at first. But glad that they "didn't" have my size. Save my MYR399/2. ngiak ngiak

allen said...

[ ahlost ]
nvm next year! :D

Pitter said...

Wow.. Great stuff !! I am a big fan of Nike. I have 2 pairs of Nike basketball shoes. Those are really help me to improve my performance.