Sunday, May 25, 2008

scorching weekend

My weekend schedule was like this:

morning - clicking shutter,
afternoon- clicking shutter,
late afternoon - clicking shutter,
almost evening - break, transfer files to laptop, nap,
evening - back to click more shutters,
night - dinner @ rasamas, boulevard,
after dinner - browsed through the so-called auto carnival, which seemed like a pasar malam to me, (p/s: I bumped into pazuzu there too),
late night - went out to attend a 'service request' to fix a 'cannot browse internet' problem.
late late night - yam cha with friends @ padungan.

morning - more shutter clicking,
afternoon - tried to click more, but i seriously ran out of things to snap,
late afternoon - revitalizing from the after-effect from the scorching sun,
late, late afternoon - dropped by bing! to have a cup of smoothies (banana chocolate), while I missed (almost) completely of Georgette's event there,
evening - dropped by Padang Merdeka for a random street shooting,
late evening - feeling tired, and really tired, and i'm typing this entry.

I felt like burnt out! Can someone call the fire department? Someone please pour down icy water to cool down my body.


Soon Hui said...

Allen! Glad that you took so many photos...

But when are you going to upload them?

robin said...

Click more shutter then ur shutter might click by itself !! ahahahahaha

allen said...

[ soonhui ]
not for uploads. those shots are for my clients, and shall be treated with top confidentiality.

[ robin ]
what talking u?

zombielost said...

YamZao with friends meh? *LOL* Make me cannot sleep nia T.T

ZombieLost said...


Told you I'm zombie liao.. o_O

I was trying to say the following ..

YamCha meh? Not YamZao with friends meh? *LOL* Make me cannot sleep nia T.T

allen said...

[ ahlost ]
i think you're drunkielost. LOL!

zombielost said...

I'm not drunk ler *LOL* I'm zombielost *LOL* Sotz..

allen said...

[ ahlost ]
dont become zombie le..
not nice..

Soon Hui said...

Allen, glad to know that you have freelance assignment..

Do you take porno or nude assignments? just offense...hehe

allen said...

[ soonhui ]
are you interested?

Soon Hui said...

Interest in what? Seeing the photos or introduce the models? haha

allen said...

[ soonhui]
in taking part of the photoshoot

allen said...

[ soonhui ]
i mean taking part in the photoshoot.

Soon Hui said...

allen, sorry lar, I don't feel that I got the right body shape~~hahaha

allen said...

[ soonhui ]
don't worry. i wil blindfold myself. LOL