Thursday, May 15, 2008

basketball tournament - kuching open final ii.

So the game tipped off, and we were into the finals between Sarawak Energy and Sentosa.

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Sometime after the game started, I spotted this by the courtsie. A reporter was covering the game. He's Michael.

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I spotted something, but I had to zoom till max length of 300mm to be sure. I saw siao bai!

The game was pretty exciting, both teams exchanged basket constantly. That made the score pretty close, through the first quarter, and much into the second. Sarawak Energy seemed to have bit of edge over their opponents, as Sentosa constantly attempt long range shot beyond the arch. For some reasons, the Sentosa players were less cool about the match, probably stil hyped to be where they had reach then.

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#15 tried to slash towards the basket, constantly threatening the opponents' defense.

The #15 dude (this sound so amateur-like, but I seriously don't know what his name is) is a all-around player. Not only he can penetrates from perimeter, play in the box, he can also square up a three pointer in your face. According to the article I read in Sin Chew Daily, his natural position is guard, but he has to make shift to play as a Power Forward cos lack of size in his team.

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Triple ball!

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Hack-a-Shaq strategy surely doesn't work on him, he hits stroke in his free throws!

For some reason, the crowd cheered whenever the #15 dude touched the ball. It somehow became a 'homecourt' advantage for Sarawak Energy. I guess the crowd was expecting the #15 dude to put on a showcase.

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Sentosa piled defense onto #15, resorting all kinds of methods to stop him.

Well, I guess expectations are there when he put up few dunks before the final. I was expecting a dunk the very least. But too bad, there wasn't any. It seems as though the star of attraction laid low, and was deployed as a decoy. When he drew attention from the defense, there is high chance for his other team-mate to be unguarded. Thus, easy offense for his team.

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"Not in my house!"

Offense wasn't only his highlight, he also served up top class defense, including the block in the picture above. I thought we'd only get to see this kind of block in the NBA. Hmm.. I wish I could leap that high and block a shot consistently. I must lose my weight first.

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High above the rest.

That's all for this part, final round up will follow next.

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