Friday, May 16, 2008

basketball tournament - kuching open final iii.

Okay here's the final post on basketball, and sports, at least for a while. LOL.

The previous post was so much about the #15 dude, so I'll try not to highlight him that much in this one.

The whole game was pretty good. Action-filled, and it's really worth watching.

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The #15 dude.

Sarawak Energy wasn't the only team who brought in 'imports', Sentosa had their very own import too. They have an imported player in their #8, I forgot his name. He's based in Miri, and represented Malaysia in the junior level, if not mistaken. He's pretty tall at height.

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Import vs Import.

Look at his height against the #15 dude. Almost the same, no? This dude could dunk as well. But too bad, I didn't get to see him dunk. Hmm. I was out of luck, I guess. So how good was the actual game? Well, if you ask me, I'll definitely say it's much better than KungFu Dunk. (I dislike that dude in the movie).

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The Kungfu element in the game, flying kick? LOL, not quite.

I'd rather watch this game on tape over and over again, than watching that movie. The movie was really a crap.

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I think I should make myself a pass, so that I can get a courtside access to cover such event. LOL. Then again, it's not right to do so.

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Where's the ball? LOL. Can see?

So, who walked away as the winner?

A little bit of input about basketball game in general before I end this post. Apart from NBA, and NCAA, the two I know of, basketball games are played with the standard regulation set by FIBA, so there should be much different anywhere else.

A basketball game is played through four quarters, two for each half, and each quarter lasts for 10 minutes. Should the game ends in a tie in score, overtime period will be played. I think the overtime period lasts for 5 minutes. During the game, teams must make a shot attempt within the given 24 seconds time frame, this is known as the shot clock. Should any team fails to make shot attempt when shot-clock expires, the possession will go to the opposing team.

LOL. Now I think that is boring enough. Okay. Let's just end this post already.

After teams exchanging shots...

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.. like this 3 pointer.

And arguing about referee's calls...

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.. like this.

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.. or maybe like this.

So, after exciting four quarters of play, we finally have a winner from the two. And the winner is...

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... Sarawak Energy!!!

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I'm sure Sentosa will return next time as a stronger team.

I think we should have more of such competition going around. It's good for the sports, for the people, and of course, good for the nation. Since it's so good, why don't we form a properly managed league?

Well, my only complain for the day was the stadium and its surrounding. The stadium is pretty old already. I think the planning wasn't wisely done back then when they build for this stadium. The recreational park there was poorly maintained.

Otherwise, the surrounding could be a nicer place than it is now.

Photo notes: All photos posted in the finals are taken with EF 90-300 lens. Photos had to be cropped to 'save' the composition. Flash wasn't used, because if it's used, the photos will look ugly.


Soon Hui said...

Since it's so good, why don't we form a properly managed league?
Well, we did have a league last time...but the audience response was bad, so the league died in ice

allen said...

[ soon hui ]
that's why i emphasized on properly managed. marketing is the key.
i know, it's easier to be said than done. but hey.. impossible is nothing right?

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