Tuesday, May 13, 2008

basketball - kuching open semi-final

Since my last few posts have been sports related, why not make it a series. I hope it doesn't bore the girls out there. At least, you can have your eye candy in Cristiano Ronaldo, right?

This time round, I am not going to the States for NBA, nor I am going to Europe to talk about the football there. I'm going local this time.

I was at Kuching Open Tournament Semi-Finals, which just concluded recently on the 4th of May.

There were two semi-final match scheduled on Friday, but I only managed to catch the second one. I was at other location earlier, as there was a charity concert on the same day. Will post some of the photos from the other event later on.

Kuching Open Tournament was held in MBKS Indoor Stadium, which is located at Pending there. This stadium has been around for quite a while already. The building itself is quite old, and the recreation park, which was built just near the stadium, lacks maintenance. The whole place just look worn down.

Anyways, back to the semi-finals. The first semi-final featured Sarawak Energy, or more keenly known as SESCo, who are one of the two hot favorites to win the tourney. The second game featured the other favorite - Sentosa.

Again, I put my 350D to the test this time. I must say, the angle wasn't great, as I just snapped the shots from the audience stand. The lens I use most of the time was my 50mm f/1.8. Other settings include shutter speed between 1/320 - 1/200, and ISO at 800.

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Empty stadium, even no entrance fee was charged, the stadium was rather empty.

We're going to look more into the actions from that night.

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Local hoop action.

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3-point attempt.

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A 3-point attempt.

Image Hosted by
A break away layup.

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A Sentosa player (#7) with a jump-shot attempt.

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Free shots, free throw.

The shots here aren't dramatic. Hmm. I wish I could just shoot from court side. I could just be thick-face and wonder around the court side snapping happily there, but then, I don't want to end up being escorted away by security personnel.

Hmm. How nice if I can shoot with a EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS, preferably with at least a 40D body, if not 5D.

LOL. I'm dreaming!

The final match coming up next. I might need to split the next post to multiple part, cos I took quite a plenty shots that night. We'll see how it goes.


levian said...

you looked rather puzzled while you saw me the other day at Spring. :P

allen said...

[ levian ]
LOL! i couldn't recognize u. LOL.. you were a bit far to approach just like that. :P

i wasn't too sure if it was you or not.

ahlost said...

No one inform ler.. When is the final? I wanna see ler.. *LOL*

allen said...

[ ahlost ]
er.. it was in 4 may wor.. LOL
u wanna see meh?

levian said...

haha. it's me alright. you looked like you're fighting with yourself inside your head. XD

allen said...

yeah.. i sure did.. LOL!