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sports review - soccer

It's been a while since I wrote any sports related update. So, I guess it's about time to write one too. At the same time, I can take a break from blogging about the normal things.

Football/Soccer fans out there would know that the football/soccer seasons are nearing the end in Europe. There are leagues where the champions are already decided, e.g. Real Madrid successfully defended their crown in La Liga, the Spanish league. Bayern Munich is expected to close in on their Bundesliga crown, and Inter Milan have points clear on top of the league.

In England however, it is still quite a close call. Chelsea have an outside chance to pip Manchester United for the title. Chelsea are level on points with Manchester United, and the two teams are separated by goal difference. The Red Devils have far more superior goal difference to their advantage, much thanks to in-form Cristiano Ronaldo, who tallied 30 goals in the league. Carlos Tevez chipped in 14 this season too. Rooney has 12.

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Ronaldo celebrating with Ferdinand in their 4 - 1 rout of West Ham.

Cristiano Ronaldo, fresh from being awarded as PFA Player of the Year, and FWA Footballer of the year, has 40 goals in total this season. This kid has been in sizzling form since the start of the season. He has certainly matured from the day he arrived from Sporting Lisbon. From a kid with flair, he has shown maturity in his game. He plays football wiser now.

In contrast, his fellow countryman Luis Nani showed the exact opposite characteristic in Manchester United's latest thumping of West Ham United.

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Nani, marred the victory with his immaturity. Still a lot to learn, boy.

The young Portugese winger foolishly committed himself in a unnecessary fracas. With United leading comfortably 3 - 1, Luis Nani showed his immaturity, and it wasn't the first time Nani showed such attitude in game, by head-butting West Ham defenders Lucas Neill. If you had seen the replays, Nani is just unforgivable.

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Probably he watched to much of Shaolin Soccer, and picked up the head-butting skill from thereon.

Despite down with 10 men, Man Utd was strong enough to add one more goal to make the scoreline 4 - 1. Carrick added his name to the score sheet on 59th minute, and sealed it for the Red Devils.

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Another ex-Hammers to score against former club, Carrick joined Tevez in the score sheet for the match.

With that win, Manchester United edged a step closer to retaining their title as champions. Despite that, Chelsea's Avram Grant was still 'optimistic' with his side to win the league. It's good to be optimistic, but they way he put it, he sounded like a Mourinho-wannabe. He tried to sound unique, like The Special One. But really, he's just Mourinho's clone, with a grumpier face.

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Avram "The Grump" Grant.

The talk about Chelsea looking for Grant's replacement has been going on since Day 1 he took charge from Mourinho. In my opinion, I think Grant will still get the axe despite his considerably successful tenure in Chelsea's helm. As for Nani, if he doesn't show improvement on his attitude next season, I wouldn't be surprised to see him being shipped away from the club.

Manchester United will play at Wigan in the final match day, while Chelsea face Bolton. Both Wigan and Bolton are safe from relegation threat, there isn't much to fight for for the latter teams. Sir Alex will surely give it all go to secure the win, knowing that his side has vast superiority in goal difference to their advantage. If Chelsea have any wish to muscle Manchester United off from the top, they would need to beat Bolton with at least 18 goals, in other words a 18 - 0 scoreline, to stand a chance.

Chelsea and Manchester United will meet again in Moscow for UEFA Champions League showdown on 21 May. Mark your calendar and set your alarm. You won't want to miss the All-English Champions League final.

Glory! Glory!

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Hmm.. Must train my body to be like that..


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