Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I had problems with streamyx earlier just now. It appears that the problem originated from the area port which I'm connected.

Now that I can go online, I'm already tired and sleepy, much thanks to the 2 hours basketball session. Update shall resume tomorrow.



Soon Hui said...

Aiya, small problem only...streamyx is KL is even worse...service not reliable, BT throttling, you name it.

levian said...

i've similar problem as well.
it's either suddenly slow, disconnected,
or simply no connection.
d'oh ..

allen said...

[ levian ]
which area are you in? i think could be the same problem as mine.. is it fixed now?

[ soonhui ]
can consult cheng hui. LOL

Soon Hui said...

cheng hui? not sure he can help lar~~