Sunday, June 01, 2008

nba playoff 2008

I'm a little late in posting this, well not that late, but late as in it's no longer first hand news. You've probably read about it on, or even watching Sportscenter updates on your sports channel.

Yet, I'm still putting this post up. That shows you how much I love basketball, doesn't it?

Game 6 of Eastern Conference Final was on channel 812 (ESPN) this morning, I didn't get to watch the whole game, only bit of first quarter. I was kinda hoping that Pistons would be able to force a Game 7, and went on to win the series.

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Garnett and his buddy Billups.

That never materialized. The Celtics are back into NBA Playoff Finals after long absence. The new Big Three, of Garnett, Pierce and Allen, led the Celtics to reach the finals, where they will play against the already-qualified Lakers.

That also means we'll be seeing the old, long-time rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics being reignited.

The last time people actually hype about this matchup was when Larry Bird was still cladding the famous #33 green jersey, while Magic Johnson donning his #32 purple-gold outfit. And, that, was some two decades ago, at least.

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The good o' days - Bird vs Magic.

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Lakers parading after their Western Conference Finals victory over San Antonio Spurs.

The Lakers were back into the Finals first time since 2004, the last time the lifted the championship trophy. Kobe proved his worthy as a leader by leading Lakers to the Finals, first time since Shaq's departure. He showed his class when Lakers dethroned San Antonio.

I don't really like Celtics, despite all the hype they have from the media since the start of the season. I find the way they play, was not convincing. yet it's over-rated. They don't play attractive basketball.

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Let's take a look into the lineups of both team:

C - Kendrick Perkins, Age 23
PF - Kevin Garnett, Age 32
SF - Paul Pierce, Age 30
SG - Ray Allen, Age 32
PG - Rajon Rondo, 22

Notable Reserves:
P.J. Brown, Age 38
Sam Cassell, Age 38

C - Pau Gasol, Age 27
PF - Lamar Odom, Age 28
SF - Vladimir Radmanovic, Age 27
SG - Kobe Bryant, Age 29
PG - Derek Fisher, Age 33

Notable Reserves:
Jordan Farmar, Age 21
Luke Walton, Age 28
Sasha Vujajic, Age 24

With the glance of that, it seems Celtics are bit older if compared to the Lakers. Nevertheless the Celtics' Big Three should be placed under the radar. Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce shouldn't be taken lightly.

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The ever passionate KG, and boy, he looks like a green monster here. Hmm, sounds like 'the hulk'.

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Ray Allen, one of the best shooters in history, has the quickest release among all players. Yeah, Allen rocks.

And Paul Pierce has been superb in leading the Celtics this season, just look at the series where the played against Lebron's Cavaliers. In the decisive Game 7, he contended with Lebron James, who dropped 45 points that game, by dropping a 41 points.

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So the Lakers will need plenty from their own stars, MVP Kobe Bryant, newly acquired Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom. Too bad Andrew Bynum is still sidelined with injury. Of course, I really think the bench and supporting players are the key to this matchup. Lakers have the edge over Celtics in this department.

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Kobe and Gasol, the new equation to success?

Lakers bench has been superb this season, Ronny Turiaf has been the energizer, Sasha Vujacic and Jordan Farmar are excellent shooters.

Well, I've typed enough. Let's just wait for the show to begin.

Game 1 of NBA Finals 2008 starts on this coming Friday, 6 June 2008 (Malaysian time).

Game on Lakers!

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So, you think Jerry West will enjoy the show all the way? Let's hope so.


robin said...

Basketball freak !!!!!
I took down my CBox coz recently.... my blog has stupiak POP OUTS just because of that cbox....
Geeeerrraaaaammmm betul....

BeverLy's Secret said...

My hubby is a NBA freak~~
Playoff is super exciting ^^
Hope we can watch a live match in stadium someday ^^

allen said...

[ robin ]
what can i say? I'm faithful to the sport! LOL

[ beverly ]
sweet! your hubby plays basketball too? they have a team in Portland.. they played pretty well this season. :D Should be interesting to watch when they get Greg Oden back next year. The boy was unlucky to be setback by his injury this season.

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