Monday, June 16, 2008


The day is here. Well, due to the working weekend, there has been some interruption to the progress, I only managed to get small part of the whole idea done.

So, I'm just gonna do the soft opening here. LOL!

I softly announce the launch of I've got this domain since September last year! LOL! I didn't have the time to play with it, and friends have been scolding me for wasting it!

So yeah, It's launched on 16.06.2008!

I'll be shift my blogging platform from here ( to there (wordpress). Since the tweaking isn't done, I'll still be blogging on this page until the other side is fully ready.

Please bear with the slow progress.

Here, to make up for the inactivity for the past couple days, here's a Picture of the Day.

Image Hosted by

Can you guess where this is taken?

p/s: I'd like to extend a thanks to a recently acquired friend, Belle.

2 comments: said...

the pic taken at the big tree in front of merdeka palace?

allen said...

[ shen ]
yeah! that's right.. But no prize for the correct guess. :D hehe..