Tuesday, June 17, 2008

26yrs and 1day young

Well, I'm officially that young! Haha!

Thank you for remembering, and the wonderful messages, coming in form of text messages, IM, email, or even through Friendster and Facebook. I got messages from all over the places! KK, Puchong, KL, PJ, Selangor, Cyberjaya, Kuching.... etc.. etc.. LOL! And even from Carolina, and Melbourne! LOL!

Thanks again!

There was no birthday bash though. Just another day. Spent day time working, had dinner with mom (dad was outstation..). I even got a surprise visit from two friends, they really made effort in putting up this surprise. I was speechless! Thank you guys!

I got a couple of presents, I will take picture of them tonight! I spent my night playing basketball last night. Haha! Yesh! My weekly sweating session!

And I was on a streak with the team last night! We won every match until the last one. My calf was showing signs of cramp, arms are tired, I was out of breath. It was a whole-body workout. Nice! Best of all, I hit a lot of 3 point shots!

Hmm.. I wonder if the Ray Allen video helped or not. Hehe. Speaking of video, here's the video.

Will update more tonight, with pictures!

Thanks a million!


Jasonmumbles said...

Happy birthday! :D

annna said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!
Age is just a number.

Need not be ashamed of it.

You are 18 years old with 7 years of real life experiences. Kakaakaa

ahlost said...

Happy Belated birthday. Hope I'm one of those mentioned there *LOL*

allen said...

[ jasonmumbles ]
Yo man! Thanks! Tried to drop a message in your blog, but ur blog thought i was attempting to spam.. -_- tried a trillion times, and finally gave up!

[ annna ]
Hahaha.. :D Thanks!
18 + 7 = 25 ooh.. :P

[ ahlost ]
Hehe.. I guess you were.. :P

Edwin Lay said...

Happy Birthday

allen said...

[ edwin ]