Tuesday, June 24, 2008

suit up my mac!

My MacBook is suit up now! And it's sizzling hot now! Muahaha! Here's the look of my MacBook's U-Suit.

Taaaa daaaaa~~!!

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The MacBook closed.

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The slots on my left, we have slots for the power, NIC port, display port, fire-wire port, USB ports (two of them), Microphone, and Headsets.

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DVD slot on the right.

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Suit up MacBook looks so sexy. LOL!

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Hmm.. reminds me of Iron Man. LOL!

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So, so beautiful... LOL!

Thanks to Steven, Helen and Louis for my suit! Thanks. It's really nice! I'm loving it.

p/s: Happy Birthday to Geraldine on 23rd June! :D

6 comments: said...


allen said...

[ shen ]
yeah.. sizzlingly hot sexy! LOL!

robin said...

Oohhhhh skin !!! Is it lick-able? LOL

ahlost said...

Why he got you a red one ah? *LOL*

allen said...

[ robin ]
LOL! Lick-able? LOL! not for you to lick! :D

[ ahlost ]
cos.. red's nice.. the other color's black.. not so nice.

~Geraldine~ said...

Eeeeee...I see my name..Thank you for my berday wish!!^_^ hehe..we same same, June babies LOL!