Friday, June 06, 2008

screwed up

Update: It seems that I have managed to recover the deleted partition, it might not be so bad after all!

I think I screwed up with my hard disk. Most of my previous work is gone!

Why is everything going to the wrong end at this time?

I hope I can restore the hard disk, if not, bye bye to most of my portfolios.


ahlost said...

I don't know if I can online tonight :(

Anonymous said...

allen! why does ur profile picture have a photo of an angmor man and his baby? LoL

allen said...

[ ahlost ]
how's your pc?

[ samantha ]
thanks for dropping by!
oh, that profile pic. it's been there ages, and i haven't got to change it! LOL!

I didn't want to use my own pic initially, so decided to go with one of the photos I took last time as my profile pic.