Saturday, April 07, 2007

bridal fair @ old court house, kuching (part 2)

Taking off where I left behind before I left for the work-related traveling last time round. I was required to be at the Oil City, and the Industrial Energy Town, literally Miri and Bintulu.

2nd day of Bridal Fair paraded wider range of wedding gowns. I wasn't there when the fashion show kicked off, thanks to the rainy weather that night.

I hope I didn't miss much.

Well, at least I knew I missed some, but I didn't miss this - The Curse of Golden Flowers Series!!!

The Curse of Golden Flowers series. (minus the cleavages bearing cutting.)

The interchange.

Pretty lass, don't you think?

Another change.

Want some glamorous flair? Try Hollywood Bridal.

The back view.

Now, I'm running out of idea how to caption these.

Look at that guy, he was as hardworking as I was.

The press - RTM.

Little angle, with another angel peeping from the background.

That's all for this now. Will be back with more cover photo coverage later.

You can find out more on wedding related material in this website - My coverage is also available here.


thwen said...

Some modesty in the Curse of the Golden Flower series is needed. It's bridal fair after all. =)

Anonymous said...

1993, i was also in bintulu, been there first before miri (1994)...why do remember so many things lolololololol