Thursday, December 07, 2006

hello kitty (ii)

" Short Note: Next event to come - Pikom PC Fair @ Taman Kereta, Kuching (8 - 10 December, 2006). "

More cats.. caged.

There weren't just home cats turning up for the show. It was International Cats Show right? So, how can you not have a big shot, star attraction? Even the dog show had a dude for show.

The crowd attraction here is..

.. big cat, tiger cub - Lovely. Lovely's the cub's name. I am not sure what species of tiger she is. Probably Malayan Tiger? Not sure.

For sure, the baby cub was so tired entertaining human friends for two straight days. She's been working overtime since morning. So tired that she couldn't be bothered to stand up or sit. She just lie on the floor and stole a nap. Poor Lovely.

Bloggers at work? You may never know.

There were some familiar cat-faces in the cat show. There were a couple of cats which are featured in Japanese manga/anime pretty often.

Winners on display.

I don't know what they won though.

Other cats just sleep, and sleep...

.. and sleep.

Royal sponsor...

Click the photo for larger view.

And that rounds up the coverage on Cats show.


Pink Cotton said...



u ah!..nxt time u must inform all ur readers first...wat kind of events is coming up that otehr ppl also can go ma..LOL

HEY..u r taking pics of the 'ROYAL' banner or sth else ah?????hmmmm

allen said...

lol! pink cotton a cat lover eh? :P

eh.. i oso got to know this event last minute one. i have no lead of what's goin on in Kuching ah. anyone can provide event tips?

ahem. *shy**blush* of cos royal banner la. :P

13th Panda said...

EH?how come i dunno got cat show der?

i hope cats mango often mistaken for a cat lei..mayb she can camouflage and get in lei

allen said...

panda: cos you didn't read Borneo Post that day. =P I also got to know that morning. Haha.. Louis mentioned bout the show, and I saw it on paper too.

luxferi said...

Aduh... so cute! Yep, cat person here... I love dogs too but cats are more mysterious and cuddly.

Can't wait for this week's PC fair!

Pink Cotton said...

hmmm i like all animals~ except for reptilians ^_^

i shud go there to kidnap one cat back to replace my dead cat 'x'

allen said...

Luxferi: Let's raid the PC Fair. I think it'll be only my 2nd time visit to Kuching's PC fair.

Pink Cotton: You sound evil! :P Let's go for doggie show again on Sunday. I think there's one. Haha..

robin said...

waaahh uve got nice cat pictures !!!!
i went on 2nd day rather late in the afternoon, half of the cats were gone... sigh....
but still have some nice ones left lar.. so not all was lost.
was too busy could not make it to the dogs show.
if i were to choose between cats and dogs, i would go for cats !!

allen said...

hey.. thanks man.
at least you still got some cats in ur cam. hehe..

so i see you're robin the catman eh? :P

truly a kuching boy.

meisin said...

hey Allen, nice photos. Always know that u are a good camera-man. The cats look soooo a dog lover, i have to admit, those cats are adorable.

Hey keep practicing your photo taking skills, who knows one day u might become a professional.

allen said...

hey thanks meisin! thanks for dropping by!

i have dog post below there. :)

do continue to visit here lor.. :P

thanks for the support too.. *blush*