Wednesday, December 06, 2006

who let the dogs out... (iii)

The last installment of dog show features one of the star of the day. You wouldn't get much chance to see this dog in tropical country, and definitely not here. Even if they manage to bring them in, it requires high maintenance to keep the dog.

Let me present you... the star in Eight Below - the husky!

Poor husky pup was caged, (I think he's still pup, he looked puppyish), as he was pretty freaked out by the crowd there. He was unwilling to be around the places.

See how he reacts?

But when he's relaxed. He was a pretty good socializing. I patted him, and he's just nice.

Interesting thing about huskies is that the huskies looks pretty much wolf-like, very beautiful.

Look closer to both his eyes. They're pretty unique, one blue, one black. Nice eh? I heard that's because our husky here is not a pure bred.

Other dogs include:

Lanky and leggy hound.

The muscular Rottweilers.

The winners of the day on parade. You can see a Bassett Hound on the far left in the picture.

And you get to see a Terrier (Or is it another Toy Dog? I can't tell) in the front ground.

Didn't I just mentioned that kids love dogs? Dogs can fulfill kids' fantasy, just like this...

If you are familiar with Japanese Manga - Detective Conan (American title: Case Closed), you'd probably seen the main character, Conan (or Jimmy Kudo a.k.a Shin'ichi Kudo) riding on the back of his dog.

Nice attempt there for the little girl, probably imitating her fantasy idol. ;-)

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