Thursday, December 07, 2006

hello kitty (i)

Dogs in the morning, cats in the afternoon.

International Cats Exhibition Show had a two days run in Civic Center, Kuching. Despite the event being a 3rd year running, it was my first visit to the show. I had been abroad (over the South China Sea to the Peninsular) for past few years.

I was there on the 2nd, and the last day of the event. I guessed I had missed out on quite a lot. There were a lot of empty cages on display. Some kitties had gone home.

The crowd turn out seemed to be okay, there are more Malay visitors here if compared to the dog show. I dare to say, there was none at all there. You-know-why.

What's left of them, was only the tags without the actual kitties in the cage.

I saw no doll, nor exotic hair.

But, as I explored further to the hall. Most cats were still around to show their trademark lazy, or curious faces.

I am no dog expert, and I am certainly worse when it comes to cat. I know nothing at all.

"Be still, move, and you'll have your head blown off."

This cat seemed to be wondering why they people are surrounding him, and looked at him as though he's an alien. He was getting freaked out.

These cats, really looked like they were inmates, to be thrown behind the bars.

This one seems nice to be hugged eh?

Cats are much easier to be photographed if compared to dogs. They're less active than dogs. As evidents, you can clearly see the not-to-be-bothered expression on the face.

More to come in the next post.


helen said...

eheheh..nice job there! So many photos and you still denied yrself a camwhore? =P

Anyway, i wonder why wait til i'm oversea then so many events came up har???! >_> sian..

allen said...

helen: hehe.. thanks.. i'm cam-man le.. not camwhore. hehe..

events came at wrong time? =P

i wonder if there's any events for x'mas later.