Tuesday, December 05, 2006

who let the dogs out... (i)

" Caution: Massive load of graphics, may take a while to load. "

Last weekend, there was a show held for dog lovers in Kenyalang Park's Community Hall. Event participants were dog-lovers and the beloved pets. The crowd turnout was great! The small hall was instantly packed with people of all ages, including 13thpanda. She was spotted in the hall.

Other bloggers could be in the mix as well. Could she be a blogger? (blogger at work).

Kids just love dogs, especially puppies.

It was rather difficult to capture the dogs on show that day. Dogs, by nature, are active species. They can't stop moving around.

I find it rather difficult to get a decent shot that day. Flash may freeze the dogs' movements, but I don't like the effect came out with the build in flash on my camera. It wasn't soft enough, and the light would not fall/reflect on places I'd like. (I cannot afford a flash gun yet.) By setting the shutter speed with just below 1 second, or maybe fraction of seconds doesn't really helped either - pictures would turned out blurred (due to dog movement), or too dark (lack of light).

I attempted to shoot from far using a 90-300mm lens, hand-held. It didn't work, because of the room lighting (too dark), and I had not got tripod with me. So, I had to switch to 18-55mm lens.

I am just not a dog expert enough to identify all the breeds and types of dogs on display. For better reference, you can click here and here.

There were some interesting dogs at display, really interesting type.

Firstly, I present you the largest dog in the hall...

The breed, and type, not known to me, (Does anyone know?) has a large body. Its size attracted attention to visitors there. All kinds of attention.

Everyone just want to be photographed with this rare type of dog in Kuching.

I heard its originated from Switzerland, is it not? Oh, if you are wondering how big this dog was...

Look at that, comparing its size with the dude in orange.

Despite the attentions he got, he constantly gave the 'what're-ya-looking-at?' or 'i-don't-give-a-damn' look.

More to come in next entry...


babyphoenix said...

- tips -
next time try to PR with the dog's owner so that you can know wat breed is the dog. well, UNLESS the owner themself doesnt know the breed then i dunno wat to say liao.
- finish tips -

allen said...

tips taken.. but i didn't bring pen and paper.. haha.. i saw someone doing that.. and she happened to be a reporter. :P