Sunday, December 10, 2006

cinedudes made debut

One day, me and my dudes decided to come up with a movie review site/blog. Everyone liked the idea, so off we set to go ahead with it.

So, officially today, 10.12.2006, I announce the launch of CineDudes!

In CineDudes, we will review all over the movies we watch in any cinema, particularly in Malaysia. Logically, we wouldn't be able to do it on a frequent basis, and we wouldn't be able to cover every single release from local and international scene.

The link is also available at my side bar. If you're a movie lover, or a cinema goer, do give us support us there. ;-)


" End Note: CineDudes is currently run by myself only at the moment. The other author is probably still busy with his job for the time being. CineDude is running on template which is supported by IE only. Please browse with Internet Explorer 6.0 and above for optimal viewing. Any inconvenience caused is much regrettable. "

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