Friday, December 15, 2006


" Short Note: I wanted to update, but I am having problem with PC. It's getting cranky. I just realized that the lady didn't give me the right power supply I wanted in the last PC Fair. I hope I can exchange for the right one. Should have checked the Power Supply right after I got it. "

A few thoughts to share here.

Difficult Customer

I read about this on Irene's and Louis' blog quite sometime ago, but I never really spent time to actually listen to what they say in the tele-conversation. And, boy, when I listened through, I thought this customer was really too much. I find him, rather annoyingly stupid.

It was such a brainless act for him to just shout and bark like that. How can things be done with just the barking? He doesn't even bother to calm himself down to reason with the other party. Most amusingly, I think he tried to be very proficient in English, by throwing advanced vulgarities to the agents. The fact is, he couldn't even catch a word Kumaran (the claimed-to-be-manager) said at a normal pace.

Seriously, I don't find the clip funny at all, I was rather annoyed. You can feel the angst and savageness within the customer. I seriously pity him, he should attend anger management.

Toll Rates Increased

Malaysian government has just announced the increase for toll rates. Not like it bothers or affects me, since I have escaped from the Peninsular to the Borneo land (We only have one toll station here in Kuching!).

What really bothers me most is the fact that after each increase of rates, fees which will directly affects the people's expenses, the ministers will just give you the wide grin, like this...

" Increa$e in toll rate for now, won't increa$e anymore for at least xxx. We have the lowest rate in the world still. Please pay up! *grin* " - picture from TheStar.

Don't you find it annoying when they say that we still have one of the lowest rates in the world despite the increase? They have constantly increase the price/tariff for toll, oil, electricity and water, but forgetting the fact our income is pretty low? There is no increase in our wages!

Can't they see that? Or they choose not to see?


Clean up

Since my holiday is bout to end soon, I thought I ought to do some clean up.

Yes, that's my desktop. The icons has been accumulating since early of the year till now. I think I should start cleaning up. >.<


Anonymous said...

bravo bravo~~

my desktop is also like that


dono le..i work better with my desktop all cluttered up like that =)


p/s stupid blogger beta only allow me to post as anon

allen said...

Pink Cotton Wah.. kamcheng! finally can post liao! SWitch to Beta lo!

Chun Chow said...

woah...nice desktop...hahaha. the toll rate just sux la..and i'll be in kl for another 2 yrs.. sigh

allen said...

desktop cleared 1/3 arleady~ :P

chun chow the increase is rather high uh.. luckily not there anymore! phew

Anonymous said...

gosh i am blur seeing ur desktop!

just like pinkcotton said, in order to post, must be weird.. i am ur kawan who like to ask for drawing.. u know i know.. kekeke..sshhh

allen said...

anonymous i know who u r kawan. ;) eh.. sorry bout that le.. i think it's the problem with the blogger beta. can try to post under "others"?

and desktop cleared 1/3 liao.. :P

robin said...

wah lau eh !!!!
i have never seen such desktop !!!! Kehebatan !!! Kecanggihan !!

allen said...

robin paiseh la.. :P

ivan said...

nice desktop hahah.

allen said...

ivan seems like everyone liked the desktop huh. =P