Sunday, December 24, 2006

season's greeting: merry christmas & happy new year

" Side Note: When I was watching Eragon, I felt like watching a cheap, pirated bootleg VCD, where they usually have silhouettes walking around during playtime. I had one bloody bad experience that day, with the guy in front, sitting overly straight up. To worsen matters, he even lean frontwards from time to time, making him a big block in my sight. Throughout the whole of 2hours movie, I had this dude's head in the block all the time!! "

" Picture Note: A quick fix I did over a couple of hours, copyright to a2blog, or Allen. "

Tomorrow's Christmas! Everyone's in jovial holiday mood now. I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. For those who aren't celebrating, Happy Holidays! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you Merry Christmas and a blessled New Year. May this coming new year bring lots of good fortune and happiness.

luxferi said...

Merry Christmas Allen! Looks like you have a blocker in front of you *lol*

Next time bring a chainsaw... muahahaha... the guy will run away!h

allen said...

Anonymous thanks, but you forgot to leave your name. :)

Ann Merry Christmas! Yeah, I should start the Star Cineplex Chainsaw Massacre

a^ben said...

merry belated christmas allen~ and happy boxing day` hehehehe :D

Anonymous said...

Hi allen,
I am from kuching but now in NSW, Australia for work temporarily. I am only a regular reader of your blog. Maybe because you are from kuching. You used to work in KL. I wonder is it tough to work and live in KL?

A very belated merry christmas


allen said...

ben hey ben, belated merry x'mas, and happy boxing day to you too. =)

Simon Nice meeting you. =) Belated x'mas wishes to you, and happy boxing day. Thanks for visiting my blog regularly. =)

How's everything in Aus? Yeah, I used to work in KL. Generally, it isn't easy. Expenses is really high. Sometimes, you will struggle to sustain your daily expenses even with your own salary, without any other financial backing. Some even may even accumulate more debts in the end.

Generally, it will take about 3-5 years to stabilize your financial status there. It'll be quite long winded to detail out working life in KL. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Allen,

First of all, thanks for the prompt reply about KL life. So, you went back to Kuching for good? Kindly exchange email about your experience in KL, should you don't mind, with thanks. After all, I am hearing impaired.

Pardon me for my doubt of your male gender, seeing that your profile showed female?

I live in Molong, which is small rural area. Dull life. The weather is passable for cold at night time albeit summer season. Quite silent place though. Luckily, only stay here for 3 months. Looking forward to home sweet home before CNY.


allen said...

simon thanks for pointing out on the gender part. i never realize that. must have overlooked when i last edited my profile. =)

Sure, no problem you can email to me. but i don't have your email address. You can always send me a mail to my blog's email -