Sunday, December 10, 2006

happy birthday @ 10 december

There has been a special request for a Birthday dedication today. A blog visitor of mine (a.k.a my cousin, if you're wondering) thought of wishing his dearest wife, who happens to be a2blog's visitor, happy birthday. She turns a year elder today 10 December 2006.

Enough of the dedication, I guess the couple would wanna preserve their privacy over the World Wide Web.

Also, I personally wanna wish both my buddies Happy Birthday today. A guy friend of mine (I mentioned in my previous post) turns 25 today, and Kimba turns 23 today too.

A present from a²blog...

Photo of the Day:

" Photo note: Not sure if this photo was uploaded before or not, I guess not. Photo was taken in October, when it was still hazy back then. If you're wondering where the place is, it's the beach near Lundu in Sarawak. If I remember correctly, it's called the Pandan Beach. "

Have a great year ahead, have fun and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

lol!! thank you thank you! So sorrie i did not manage to get my bday speech ready in time. It will be speeched together with next year's i promise. HAHAHA

allen said...

LOL! welcome! no worries. Will be waiting. It really sounds like radio station there! haha..