Wednesday, December 20, 2006

bloggers' meet @ Bing!

There was another bloggers' meet @ Bing! after the previous one at Sue's.

I tried to write bout this for the past couple of days, but the PC just failed me. On top of that, I had just bid goodbye to my long holiday since October. I am employed now. Thank God!

After fixing the new power supply, my baby seems to be on smooth run now. :) Great, and I can write about this without hassle.

Robin and Ivan co-organized the meet this time round. About 13-15 attended. I wasn't too sure, didn't keep track of them. Among them are: Robin, Ivan, Ann, Irene, Frankie, CCC, Mike, Josh, Boon Kim, Ben, Georgette, and Francis.

I will just let the photos to do the talking:

Mr.Organizing Chairman snapping shots.

I wonder what brought Irene into thinking there. Hmm..

I think these two shots came out pretty well huh? Ben looking good, Irene looked so.. so and small petite...!

Robin, Robin, Robin boy!

Taa Daa. I upload my first photo in a2blog without censoring!

The duck seemed pretty popular.

People seemed to enjoy themseves so much that they have decided..

.. to have another meet before 2006 ends. They seem to be quite addicted about it already!


babyphoenix said...

the duck reminds me of the duck in 'click' the movie. ;p

robin said...

finally u updated... yay...
wah lau eh.. why so many pictures of me???????

luxferi said...

Nice photos! Summore got a nice "footprint" of Allen.Photography. Truly classy.

allen said...

amy i didn't think of tat till you bring it up! LOL! good one!

robin i don't know.. could probably be you're photogenic, or your a hard target to miss. :P

luxferi thank u thank u! :-) thank you so much.

Irene said...

Aiyoo... talking so much about me. Summore upload such big photos... wah lau... I took that the 1st "robin and frank" photos :P I think... that's what you said haahha... didn't expect it turned out that way :P

allen said...

irene you shud play more with SLRs!