Sunday, December 03, 2006

meeting @ sue's

I was invited to a gathering up among several bloggers in Kuching at Sue's apartment. Irene invited me. Sue is a reader of Kuching blogs, she is residing at the States.

Among those who showed up include Irene, Ann and Husband, Frankie, Boon Kim, Ken, Robin, Ivan, Chun Chow and Naomi. (Did I miss anyone out? I hope not)

I arrived a little late, and didn't get to snap much photos.

The apartment was really nice. Each unit may seemed to be three-storeys tall, but the fact is, it is designed to be a one and a half storey unit. The landscape within the apartment's compound is great!

The swimming pool is really a stunner. Amazing design. It looks clean, fresh and BLUE. The photos aren't edited, not altered in anyway.

However, this one is.

A quick fix on the photo to emphasize on the clouds in the sky. A rough piece of work. Please do pardon the lack of finesse.

And finally, group photo. I have never shown any photos of my face in this blog this far, and I thought I should maintain that policy. At least, I think it isn't time for me to show yet.

At least I do give a illustrated version of my face. Hehe.

Nice meeting you all. Nice meeting you Sue.

Up next, doggies and pussies (as in cat!!) coming to the town.

" Photo Note: The group photo came from Irene's camera, as the one taken with my A70 sucked big time, too much noise due to high ISO. (I think it was at ISO 400). Also, according to Irene, the patch next to me, is dust particle, and not supernatural, or paranormal phenomena. Phew~ "


babyphoenix said...

wow!! the clouds are super 'geng'!!!!

allen said...

yeah.. unbelievably stunning.. :P

luxferi said...

Nice! I love the way you manipped the clouds. It was really nice meeting you. :D

Pink Cotton said...

believe it or not..ur face appeared in miracle8's blog



ur identity blown AGAIN!

Frank said...

his identity oledi blown in mny blogger's post haha...

when is ur turn pink cotton?? i can help u if u wan muahahaha!

Chun Chow said...

hey allen.. the patch beside you does look like something.. O_o

robin said...

hey allen,
Hmm, why did you set the ISO to 400???? It was bright enough though...
anyway, great meeting up with you. But i think hoh, ur face is up on everyone's blog liaw leh.. u didnt mention u need to blur it...

allen said...

pink cotton: doesn't matter ah. i don't mind making cameo in other ppl's blog. :P

frank: unveil the cotton! haha..

chun chow: fast fast upload yours liao.

robin: haha.. i don't know why i set 400 too.. probably too used to the SLR one? :P but my old cam's dark at lower ISO earlier jz now. no worries bout my face la. like i said, i don't mind making cameo appearance. i just don't upload my face in my own blog. hehe.. :P

Irene said...

WAHAHAH... no ownder you put those italics statements there :P

Jimmy CHAI said...

ei, the group pic, the one at the right side, first one in the far end, looks pretty in the photo~ is that sue??

allen said...

oh no. sue had requested her face to be mosaic-ed to protect her privacy. :)

I believe you are looking at naomi.